First Thoughts – Legends of Tomorrow


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is the newest spin-off series from both Arrow and The Flash. Without knowing too much about most of these characters, and only reading very little of their roles in the comic books that I have read, going into this show blindly still made it enjoyable for me. As long as the characters and the stories are written good, you don’t have too much to worry. This one is an example of that, but I’m already watching both Arrow and The Flash, so I was pretty much good at the eight super heroes that are in this show. The one character that does fit that example that I just discuss was Rip Hunter, played by Arthur Darvill.

For those of you Whovians who didn’t like Rory Williams, I didn’t think his character was all that bad. Sure, Amy was still better, but Rory was the one who helped prevented her from staying in love with the Doctor, was a Roman Centurian, kept guard of and protected Amy for nearly 2,000 years, and saved her from two different time zones in my favorite Doctor Who story ever. In Legends of Tomorrow, he, so far, does a decent job as Rip Hunter, and I want to see more. Not only do I find it cool for Rory to be in this show about time travel, but there are also time masters in the year 2166, which master can also mean lord, the space ship he rides in goes through a time vortex, the A.I. in the ship is female, and Rory is wearing a brown trench coat. I am 100% convinced that the creator of these shows wants to make an episode of Doctor Who by making a crossover with this universe. BBC, make it happen!

The show is about Vandal Savage, who still lived all the way into 2166, putting planet earth into complete turmoil, fighting in a continuous war, and has become the world’s biggest monster. After Rip Hunter saw his wife and son die before Vandal Savage, he then decided that he must save earth by getting the super heroes from the past, hopefully preventing the death of his family and the salvation for the world.

The chemistry with these characters in this episode are kind of entertaining movie, even for the part with the bar fight that they have. Not going to explain that part for those who haven’t seen this episode yet, but it was entertaining at best. The action scenes in this episode was great, and it started to make this universe look like something that you would read off from comic book. In the past, Arrow had really good action scenes, and they are better today. In The Flash, you had some action scenes that started to pick up with all of the super powers that I was anticipating for a long time. Now with Legends of Tomorrow, I’m excited to see more of it!

I highly recommend this show so far, and if you haven’t seen either Arrow or The Flash, then why not?! Go watch them both! DO IT NOW!!!!!!! Oh, and watch Legends of Tomorrow too.