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I have decided to delay the remake reaping part and jump ahead into my newest installment of my site. Kaiju Vu is my new review segment that I have made up that will deal with giant monster movies! This will not involve with tv shows, since that’s what Rerunagade is for. My first movie that I have chosen will be Gojira (Godzilla), just to test the waters at how I will do. Some of you who reads this might be thinking that this has anything to do with the newest Godzilla movie that is coming out soon. Kaiju Vu has nothing to do with the movie that will soon be released from now, but it did inspire me of doing movie reviews of one of my favorite genres in the film industry. I don’t know when I will start releasing my first review of Gojira, but it’s going to happen!


Rosanne – Heart and Soul


It took me some time to recover from my hatred from that other show that must never be mentioned again, but now I’m up and ready for another review! This one is going to be an interesting post for me to put on my site as I review an episode of Rosanne called Heart and Soul. My reasoning behind reviewing this is because this episode, believe it or not, had something to do with Doctor Who. Back in 1989, Doctor Who was cancelled. Many Whovians were hoping for years to come that the show might come back again. Luckily, Fox gave the okay  for a TV movie to be made as a pilot for Doctor Who. Three problems on why it failed:

  1. The scheduling was terrible. I have heard some people who wanted to watch  the movie ended up not watching it because Fox didn’t do a good job. Either that, or Fox didn’t care at all for the movie.
  2. The ratings for Rosanne: Heart and Soul crushed the TV movie.
  3. Most people who have seen the Doctor Who TV movie are very negative towards it, saying it contradicted itself and it had cheesy performances. According to the score on Rotten Tomatoes, even though the critics have said nothing about the movie, there is a 48% from the audience.

Both the Doctor Who TV movie and Rosanne were aired at the same night. Both were obviously different from each other, but only one became dominant. When I first saw the Doctor Who TV movie, I kind of saw where the hatred came from. But overall, I really liked the TV movie. The movie was able to give Sylvester McCoy his departure (even though it was pretty cruel), Paul McGann was great as the Doctor in the movie, and this movie revealed what is arguably the best TARDIS interior the show has ever had!


Personally, this is my favorite TARDIS interior!

Even my brother, who does not care for watching the Classic Who series likes this movie and says that he is happy to see this film being part of the timeline.

When I first heard that Heart and Soul beat the TV movie in ratings, I was very curious at first. I wanted to know whether or not if this episode was better than the Doctor Who TV movie. But when I first heard about this episode, I didn’t know the title. As a matter in fact, not that many people who talk about this episode knows the title. Many people just call Heart and Soul “Dan’s Heart Attack”episode. Even the former Doctor Who Magazine assistant editor and writer, Scott Gray, calls it that when he was writing on his reflections on the 8th Doctor Who comic issue of “Prisoners of Time.” For the longest time, until a couple of weeks ago, I finally know what this episode is called.

As for my thoughts on Rosanne. I have seen this here and there as a kid when my mom watched it, but I never put any thought into watching  it for my leisure. Even when it first aired on Nick @ Nite in the 2000s, I still watched it here and there. So, no. I was never a fan of the show, but I did manage to find some funny moments in Rosanne. But just recently, I finally came back into this show just to watch this episode and find out if Heart and Soul was better than the TV movie pilot.

Just to fill in some back story, this episode starts right after Darline’s wedding episode (which I might cover in the future) marrying David Healy, played by John Galecki.

roseanne-gallery 11047_johnny-galecki

Wow. Talk about before and after.

On the end of the episode, Dan starts to get a heart attack, even after the whole episode of him having medical issues that he didn’t reveal to anyone. Now that I have that covered, I can finally lead you into today’s episode.

It starts off with the Conner family and David rushing into the hospital where Dan was taken into, and Rosanne was asked what happened. Rosanne knew nothing at this moment while being concerned, worried, and just confused as she still can’t believe that Dan is in the hospital in a serious situation. If there is something that I should note right away, it’s that Rosanne Arnold is not well known for being subtle in anything that she’s been in. Shes more OUT THERE and LOUD, as well as being kind of crazy. She’s more of a comedic actress, and these are something that everyone is fixated upon when it comes to Rosanne. However, in this episode, she’s more subtle than anything I have ever seen her in. It almost feels like an alien nation to me. I will get more into this subject later on.

Rosanne finally gets to speak with Dan for a few moments, telling what happened, such as playing around with the ambulance siren, and bringing DJ in to say that he saved Dan’s life. Rosanne tells Dan that his heart attack was minor, but from looking at the machinery, he thinks it’s worse that minor. Rosanne decides to stay in the hospital overnight, tells the whole family to go back home, and get rid of the food that was left in the reception, because if there is one thing that we don’t ever want, it’s leftover food that can feed at least more than half an orphanage!


And the rest of the children who survived the famine that day were eaten by the two cows.

DJ couldn’t bring himself to go home, so he stayed in the hospital. Because of Dan’s heart attack, Darline and David cancelled their honeymoon, and have to live in the Conner’s basement, says Rosanne. Growing up, I never thought that Darline was funny. I used to think that she was kind of blah to me. But now that I have grown up, I kind of understand her dead-pan sense of humor. Her husband, David, on the other hand, never stood out to me. But I didn’t see that much from him. So at this moment, I can only say little about him until I see more of him to make up my definitive opinion about him. What’s that? you want to know what I think about John Galecki in The Big Bang Theory? Oh, HAHAHAHA!!! -I have no idea what you’re talking about. Becky was a character you would either have the hots for, or someone you would love to hate. She irritated me as a kid, and I don’t see any reason to change my mind today. For years, and years, and years I have wonder why they switched actresses for Becky. From what I have found out about it, Becky went to college in the 5th season, being Lecey Goranson’s last episode. At least it was suppose to be. The producers felt that they wanted to bring Becky back into the show, but Goranson was unavailable to play the role. Because of this reason, they chose Sarah Chalke to fill in the role from season 6 to 7. Lecey Goranson was finally free to come back as Becky in season 8, but there were moments where the show kept going back and forth with both Goranson and Chalke to play the role. In the final season, the show called it quits on this idea and had Chalke as Becky. Believe me, the show itself was aware of this problem too.


I kind of like DJ. He’s fun. Yeah, that’s all I have to say about that.

After Rosanne talks about the 96 elections, being entertained by Bush senior losing the election, Dan asks her to leave the room as he asks God to just bring him out of his condition. Rosanne also chit-chats with God to out of the pain she’s going through, blames Him, but then realizes that it was her and her family’s fault for feeding Dan unhealthy food. This may seem cliche, but this moment does shed the best performances between John Goodman and Rosanne Barr. I am aware that John Goodman has done some serious roles, and they might be really good. This moment proves to me that he can deliver a really good, dramatic performance. The same can be said for Rosanne Barr. I have never in my life seen her perform like this before, but I’m glad that I can see a side of her that I have never seen. I am now convinced that she can be a really good actress, and I have seen other episodes where she can still deliver.

And then we get to the fun part of the episode, because you have to remember that this is still a sitcom. Plus, this scene works out really well.

I truly believe that this is the highlight of the episode. The humor is spot on, it’s very positive compared to the rest of the episode, and it’s something that I can remember this episode for. Even on the last minute of this episode, Dan tells Rosanne that he has never cheated on her before and tried to tell “just in case…”, but she stops him before he finishes. Rosanne tells Dan that the moment he started to have a heart attack was the first time in 25 years that she has felt helpless. And then, the episode just ends like that.

Now that I have finally watched Heart and Soul, I can safely state my opinion on which one I like better, between this and the Doctor Who TV movie. Well, the TV movie does have some things in it that I did not like, such as Chang Yee. I thought the movie could have done better without him. I didn’t like how they killed off McCoy in this. I just thought it looked incredibly cruel. But the rest of the negatives are just minor nip picks to me which makes it really hard for me to not like the movie as a whole. Heart and Soul, on the other hand, I can’t find a single thing to complain about. I thought this episode was really good. If this episode was aired a day before or after the Doctor Who TV movie, then yeah. I wouldn’t try to say that Heart and Soul is better. If you guys have not seen the Doctor Who TV movie, go on Amazon or Ebay and buy the movie. If you are not fully sure if you want to buy the movie, go on Youtube and watch the movie. Believe me, it’s not a bad movie. I love it, and I can watch it any day. Heart and Soul is also a must see as well for those of you who are not into Rosanne. Like I said, I’m not a fan, but maybe I will cover another episode in the future. As for now, I will give my score for this episode:




Personally, I could have given it a 5/5, if I was a fan. What’s next? I don’t know.