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Coming soon: Kaiju Vu



I have decided to delay the remake reaping part and jump ahead into my newest installment of my site. Kaiju Vu is my new review segment that I have made up that will deal with giant monster movies! This will not involve with tv shows, since that’s what Rerunagade is for. My first movie that I have chosen will be Gojira (Godzilla), just to test the waters at how I will do. Some of you who reads this might be thinking that this has anything to do with the newest Godzilla movie that is coming out soon. Kaiju Vu has nothing to do with the movie that will soon be released from now, but it did inspire me of doing movie reviews of one of my favorite genres in the film industry. I don’t know when I will start releasing my first review of Gojira, but it’s going to happen!