Darkplace – Skipper the Eyechild


We begin both Dr. Daglass and Dr. Sanchez stopping what looks like an eyeball boss that would be too dirty to be used in the Legend of Zelda. Dirty, because it does it’s own dirty business on a patient, orally. No, I’m not going to show it to you. Just the mere thought of it was disgusting. The man who got raped by the eyeball gives birth to the eyechild, and Dr. Daglass takes care of it as his own baby, and names it Skipper. I don’t know why this episode’s title has the name eyechild in it, and I don’t know why I even called it that in the last sentence either. Its more like eyebaby to me.

Dr. Daglass secretly takes care of Skipper, because the whole hospital finds the eyebaby as a potential threat, because of what it’s kind did to one of their patients. The only one who first figures out about Skipper was Liz, thanks to her psychic ability. Dr. Daglass goes on the rooftop with Skipper and sings the only song anyone ever sings in this show (or at least I think it’s the only song that is ever sung).

But then Thornton Reed gathers the whole hospital and a toy helicopter to take the eyebaby away from Dr. Douglass.

This is how Hollywood will finally get rid of Michael Bay.

Rick tries to escape in a chase scene in the hospital that I find pretty funny, until he gets pinned down. This then leads up to my favorite scene in this show, by far. Rick walks up to the cuteness of Skipper, puts his finger inside of Skipper’s mouth, which was pretty gross, and then gets bit by the eyebaby! This then makes Dr. Daglass beat Skipper up to death, and it is just pure comedy gold for me! The story ends with Dr. Daglass starring at the sunset on the fake set-I mean rooftop, having memories of his dead child/cricket.

This episode was both cute and funny, even though it started off pretty provocative. This episode does give us a little bit more about Rick Daglass that we didn’t get to see before, and that was his family. I love how we get a chance to see more about him in a span of just 6 episodes, and it all worked out just fine. I really do consider this to be my personal favorite episode for being so many things in under half an hour.

So, that was it for this month. I promised you an episode for Re-run-a-ween, and you got it! Hopefully, I will have a much better Re-run-a-ween next year, and I’ll see ya next time!


Some Status Update – 10/25/2016

For those of you who have noticed something very off lately, I have been lacking any content for Re-run-a-ween month, and there is a reason for why. I know that getting content out seems to be a slow process for me, but this time is not a good time for me to do so. Not long after I did my new thing that I probably won’t be doing again due to lack of interest from the audience, I was starting to review an episode of Torchwood. But a week later, I started my fall semester, and it’s a really, REALLY tough one! I won’t get into any detail as to what I do, but I will say what its like. This class has been so hard for me that, even though I don’t get that much homework to work on, it still takes me forever to complete. I have had 2 nights so far where I literally didn’t get a second of sleep, just to get my assignments completed. As of now, I don’t know how I’m doing in my class. That, and I’m in the middle of my mid-term week.

So, now that you know just how hard and slow things are going with my life so far (even though I didn’t give you that much info), there won’t be that much content to provide for you guys by the end of the year, even though I don’t provide as much as I want to. I will try my hardest to cram in a review of Darkplace by the end of this week, and I will put out a list of things that I have plan for this site. I don’t know if any of you are patient, impatient, or even exist, or even aware that I still do this, but I have more to come. So, here’s my list of what I will do in the future. I don’t have a set date for any of these, because I don’t want to make broken promises and anyone complain about a deadline that I missed. Believe me, it’s better that way.


  • Darkplace
  • Torchwood: Cyberwoman, Countryside, End of Days, Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, Adrift, Fragments, Exit Wounds
  • Doctor Who: 42, The Hungry Earth, Cold Blood, Pond Life, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, The Power of Three
  • Death Note (2015 drama)
  • Stranger Things
  • Lost
  • High School of the Dead

Final Thoughts:

  • The Walking Dead dead character (leaving spoilers off of this)
  • Bleach (even though its been 2-3 months since it ended)

New and continuing stuff:

  • Quick Look Through Dragon Ball – 21st World Arts Tournament (halfway done!)
  • Bleach retrospect (working title)
  • Legology (I got so many Lego games that I might as well review all that I got)

So, there’s my list of what is to come. I am greatly sorry for the lack of content this month, and I will hope that next year will be much better. I will try to get a review of Darkplace, and I will try to get my Torchwood review done by the end of this year, or, if I’m lucky enough, I will get it done sometime next month. I can’t guarantee you when, but I can guarantee you that I will get these done. Once again, I apologize, but I don’t want to leave you with the impression that I’m done with making reviews and retrospects. I have the up most respect for you people, and seeing that you do read my reviews means a lot for me. Leave a comment to let me know what you guys think.

Thank you so much for everything so far, and I’ll catch you later!