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First Thoughts – The Tick (Amazon)

One of my favorite shows as a kid that I can barely remember, but had a tone of fun watching, was The Tick. For those of you who don’t know, The Tick was one of Fox Kids’ best animated cartoon shows in the 90s that was also one of the first superhero comedies ever made. Possibly the first of it’s kind. It was the best kind of quirky comedy that you couldn’t find anywhere else at the time, and it’s style has inspired many good comedy shows after it.

The Tick himself is just a massive dumb superhero who tries to fight crime without knowing what he is doing, or even knows how to fight crime for that matter. He is also teamed up with Arthur, who is supposed to be a moth, but looks more like a bunny. But what makes the Tick great are two things. The first thing that you can tell is that he is very likable in every way imaginable, and is what you get if Darkwing Duck was fighting crime with a writer who happened to be funnier than those who wrote Darkwing Duck. I know what I just said might sound like heresy to some people, but the more you watch this guy, you more you can agree with me. The other thing that makes him great is that, even though he isn’t a smart guy, he still fights crime because he wants to fight evil and do good. That’s what made The Tick a very fun show to watch.

I’m not sure if it was successful or not, because I don’t know, so I won’t get into whether or not if it was cancelled. However, I won’t and CAN’T deny that The Tick has a massive cult following, especially when MTV aired its reruns in the early 2000s. There was even a live action version of The Tick that I remember watching on Fox back in 2001 with Patrick Warburton as the Tick. I thought that show was okay, but it wasn’t good enough to keep itself from being cancelled. And now we got the newest version of The Tick, and it’s so far a good watch.

The Tick stars Peter Serafinowicz as the Tick. In case if you’re wondering, Peter Serafinowicz was in both Guardians of the Galaxy, and did the voice of Fisher King in the Doctor Who episode, Before the Flood. I would have prefer Will Arnett for the role, but this guy is good enough to where I never thought that he would have taken the role. As a matter of fact, he’s not even known for taking big roles like this. And yet, he’s very funny! This show is, so far, very fun to watch. I’m not going to spoil anything, but Arthur’s back story is, not only tragic, but funny at the same time. I really like how they were able to balance both the humor and serious moments very well without making it either boring or forceful. It’s just right. From the first episode, it shows you how this world manages to work with both heroes and villains, and how both Arthur and the Tick meets each other. They got both the characters just right, and even the Tick’s written dialog is pitch perfect. If there’s anything that I would of like to have seen is the Tick having a pathetic fight scene where he still manages to win through wacky hijinks, but I think I will get that later on.

Yes, I do think you should watch The Tick, whether or not if you’re a fan. It’s both a good and fun watch, and you won’t be disappointed. And yes, I do recommend you to watch the animated series! If you excuse me, I’m going to make myself a BLT sandwich.


First Thoughts – Legends of Tomorrow


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is the newest spin-off series from both Arrow and The Flash. Without knowing too much about most of these characters, and only reading very little of their roles in the comic books that I have read, going into this show blindly still made it enjoyable for me. As long as the characters and the stories are written good, you don’t have too much to worry. This one is an example of that, but I’m already watching both Arrow and The Flash, so I was pretty much good at the eight super heroes that are in this show. The one character that does fit that example that I just discuss was Rip Hunter, played by Arthur Darvill.

For those of you Whovians who didn’t like Rory Williams, I didn’t think his character was all that bad. Sure, Amy was still better, but Rory was the one who helped prevented her from staying in love with the Doctor, was a Roman Centurian, kept guard of and protected Amy for nearly 2,000 years, and saved her from two different time zones in my favorite Doctor Who story ever. In Legends of Tomorrow, he, so far, does a decent job as Rip Hunter, and I want to see more. Not only do I find it cool for Rory to be in this show about time travel, but there are also time masters in the year 2166, which master can also mean lord, the space ship he rides in goes through a time vortex, the A.I. in the ship is female, and Rory is wearing a brown trench coat. I am 100% convinced that the creator of these shows wants to make an episode of Doctor Who by making a crossover with this universe. BBC, make it happen!

The show is about Vandal Savage, who still lived all the way into 2166, putting planet earth into complete turmoil, fighting in a continuous war, and has become the world’s biggest monster. After Rip Hunter saw his wife and son die before Vandal Savage, he then decided that he must save earth by getting the super heroes from the past, hopefully preventing the death of his family and the salvation for the world.

The chemistry with these characters in this episode are kind of entertaining movie, even for the part with the bar fight that they have. Not going to explain that part for those who haven’t seen this episode yet, but it was entertaining at best. The action scenes in this episode was great, and it started to make this universe look like something that you would read off from comic book. In the past, Arrow had really good action scenes, and they are better today. In The Flash, you had some action scenes that started to pick up with all of the super powers that I was anticipating for a long time. Now with Legends of Tomorrow, I’m excited to see more of it!

I highly recommend this show so far, and if you haven’t seen either Arrow or The Flash, then why not?! Go watch them both! DO IT NOW!!!!!!! Oh, and watch Legends of Tomorrow too.

First Thoughts – One-Punch Man


I CAN’T BELIEVE I JUST SAW THIS ANIME JUST NOW!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, I’ve been meaning to give this show a watch, even after seeing so many people on Facebook posting One-Punch Man stuff. Now I have finally seen One-Punch Man! For those of you who still haven’t seen One-Punch Man, let me just lay it out for you of what I have gathered from the first episode. One-Punch Man is about Saitama, who started to work out to become the hero that he always wanted to be, and loses his hair to become so strong that he can destroy and kill anything that comes before him. WITH ONE PUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really, this is the best way how to explain the show. And as for the action scenes, they are great to watch, even though the final results in all of them are predictable. It’s just great to see the massive scale of the enemies that he defeats.

I do recommend this show to everyone. I would even love to see a 75 year old granny try to figure out what they’re watching when they sit through One-Punch Man. I want to see One-Punch Man try to fight against other anime characters! I know that there is a crossover of him defeating Vegetta, but now I want to know if he can defeat lord Beerus! Somebody please, PLEASE make that happen!

First Thoughts – The Man in the High Castle

maninhighcastleheaderThe Man is the High Castle is based on the novel by Philip K. Dick, and is executive produced by both Ridley Scott and Frank Spotnitz, and shows the tale of the 1960s America on what if the allied forces of WWII lost the war. It shows America being split into two different countries. The states in the west of the Rockies is called the Japanese Pacific States, being controlled by the Japanese, to the east of the Rockies is the National Socialist States of America, and dead smack in-between the two is the Neutral Zone. I’m not quite sure how that last part works, but it’s there, waiting to be answered.

PPAThe main character of the show is Juliana, who lives in the Japanese Pacific States in San Fransisco, trained in martial arts, very nice, and finds a film real that reveals that we won the war.

The Man from the High Castle Amazon Prime Drama

She goes into a town in the Neutral Zone, called Canon City, hoping to find the resistance who can help bring freedom back in the United States from both the Japanese and the Nazis.

The other character from the Nazi states is Joe Blake. There’s just something about that name that I like. Just say that out loud, and let me know what you thought. Anyway, he’s trying to fight for freedom by going into the same city as Juliana, and has a pretty good twist to his character in the end of the pilot episode, which you got to see for yourself.

15-46-2257-727x530I was going to say that this is Amazon’s Wolfenstein: The New Order, but then I figured out that this show is based off of a novel, so there goes that. But this show is pretty interesting, and it makes you want to watch more to figure out most of your questions, like how did both Japan and Nazi Germany won the war? How does a film real showing that the United States won the war exist in a world where the axis powers look like they were the victors? This is a show that is so far well done, and I want to see more. If you don’t have a Amazon Prime account, then you might have to pay for each episode, which I think is $2.99 for one episode. I do recommend giving this show a watch, but I must warn you though, it’s not for kids. So keep that part in mind.

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First Thoughts – Into the Badlands

ITB-KeyArt-400x600This show is really cool! Yeah. That’s really my best first impression on Into the Badlands. Now, is this the best show of the year for me? No. Will I reveal what is the best show of the year right now? No. But I will on the end of the year. As for this show, it takes place in a world that went through a war that banned the use and productions of guns. Yup, this world no longer has guns! It’s like Obama’s dream come true! No, wait, this world still has killing? How?! You got rid of all of the guns and-
Oh, hang on a sec. There are swords in this show?! You mean getting rid of guns did not solve anything? Oh, POO!

The show revolves around the main character, Sunny. Sunny is quiet, but not in the sense that he’s mute. He’s more subtle, stern, and the strongest swordsman in the fort. Beyond that, his character doesn’t say much.

Daniel Wu as Sunny - Into the Badlands _ Season 1, Portraits - Photo Credit: James Dimmock/AMC

Sunny lives in a stronghold fortress that has a small town in the inside, as well as a cotton plantation on the outside. But don’t worry, this plantation is multi racial, because racism is dead in this alternate universe!     ….that happens to be based in the south.      …….that happens to be based in the sets that looks like it’s straight out of Forrest Gump. You just read that right. There’s a scene where a dirt road goes through a row of trees that looks similar to the same as the road that leads to Forrest Gump’s house, and the design of the leader’s house, who is someone I should talk about right now.


The place where Sunny lives in is home to a clan who are trained to fight as strong as Sunny, being controlled by Quinn.


Quinn is viewed as more of a cult leader, elevating himself as a god and making everyone believe that there is nothing outside of the walls of the land that they possess. He treats Sunny as if he’s his father, and raises his members of his clan as soldiers, calling them clippers. No, they have nothing to do with Basketball. And now those who live outside of the US are wondering what that joke means.

Sunny finds a kid from the badlands, who calls himself MK.


He has this strange ability that when he bleeds, he becomes super powerful, sort of like becoming into a different person. He even has a medallion that shows an image from a city he came from, making Sunny want to find it, being the main plot of the show. Outside of that, I have nothing else to say about him so far. Yeah, I don’t care for him. The one who is trying to find this kid is a woman who is named Widow.


AMC_ITB_S1_Inside_Characters_TheBarons-800x450She dresses herself up like she’s a late 1800s Black Widow from the Avengers, and I do believe that’s what this show is going for. She’s not bad, but I do believe that the following episodes beyond the first episode will give us more of her character.

So far, this show looks more like in the style of the action genre from both the samurai films, as well as the Chinese martial arts films from the 70s, taking place in the south of the United States, which is a really original twist. The only problem that I have so far is the characters, who don’t have that much in them yet. Other than that, I like the setting and the action that I have seen so far in the pilot, and I am looking forward into watching the rest of this show. I really do want to see where the rest of this season leads off to, and I do recommend this to anyone who hasn’t seen Into the Badlands yet!

Sneak Peek: Into the Badlands: Quinn’s Speech is from AMC’s Youtube channel

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First Thoughts – Fear the Walking Dead

fear-850x560Now, being someone who tries not to side with the popular opinion just because it’s popular, I have to tell ya, it’s not easy. Sometimes its very hard to stick with my own opinion because of how much of a strong offense some people would say about a certain something that you may or may not like. Fear the Walking Dead is an example of what I mean. And before I leave ANYONE reading this, there are people who liked this show’s pilot episode. I’m not saying that everyone despised this episode. But, so far, many people are disappointed for what everyone has seen. I’m not here to talk about what the major disappointed fans think about it. I’m here to talk about what I thought about this pilot. To me, it’s alright.

There are some things that I do like about this episode. The first thing was the locations in this show. I live in the East Los Angeles area, and the high school in this show was the same high school that I use to go to. The only differences that I have noticed was the name of the school and the mascot. I won’t say the name of the school, but I will tell you that the mascot is a mule. Not only that, but I have seen some of the locations where they were shooting the show. So that is another fun thing for me to see. The daughter/sister, Denise, is not bad. Not great, but she could of easily have been the worst. She kind of has the best moments in the show, not because she’s being attacked by zombies (there were only three zombies in this episode and she hasn’t seen one in person yet), but because you have moments that tries to share some character moments, and they’re character moments from those who are not terrible. They’re good. The pacing, to me, didn’t bother me, and neither did the story. I also liked how the police handled the situation against their first encounter with a zombie. That was another plus.

So, what’s the negative stuff in this pilot? Everything else. The biggest problem to me that this episode is guilty for are the characters. The dad is being played by the same guy who played as the fire lord from The Last Airbender. The less I talk about that, the better. Even though you get to see him trying to be a supportive father, he does turn out to be kind of boring. The wife/mother is a high school counselor who doesn’t have all that much to show. She’s nothing special to me. Nick, the son and the first character that you see in this show is a drug addict, who first sees a zombie. But he’s just so insufferable to the point that you can’t really like him. Example: he hates his dad, calls him useless, but that goes away after he tells him the zombie that he first sees. Why would you tell a man that you hate about anything? Not only that, but there are some teases that really suck. This isn’t a spoiler, but this example shows the principal just sitting on a chair, leaning like he’s sleeping. The show tries to make it look like he turned into a zombie, but it messes with you, showing us that he’s still alive. That was stupid!

Overall, this was okay. I’m not impressed, but I’m not mad at it either. I will see the rest of this season, and I might do a review of this season when it is done. By the way, I am a fan of The Walking Dead, and I will do a review of that show’s newest season when it is done too. If you are a big fan of the comic books and not the show, you won’t like this at all. If you like both the show and the comics, you might still not like this show. If you like the show, maybe you might like this one. WHO KNOWS!? Just give it a watch.

First Thoughts – Death Note (2015)


I’m not going to hold anything back and just say that this show is not very good. It’s really, really bad. If you’re not familiar with the show or the mangas, Death Note is a series where it involves a Japanese student name Light Yagami, who posses a Death Note. This Death Note is dropped by a shinigami named Ryuk, and it works by writing a name of a person that will kill someone with a heart attack in 40 seconds after it is written. You can also write down when, how, and where you want a person to die too. Light  uses the Death Note to kill criminals to someday make a world of peace and become the god of the new world. The po-po doesn’t like this, seeing it as murder, and they start to do an investigation to track him down. It would be an easy thing to do, but he has his own alias that many of his followers came up with, calling him Kira. So they get some help from the world’s greatest detective, L, who likes to hide himself from the rest of the world to conceal his identity.

To me, Death Note is one of those stepping stones in anime that was revolutionary. It did something new and creative, and it gave us a clever supernatural taste of an anti-hero that we have never seen before. How does this show handle the series and it’s source material? Very clumsy-like! Light in this one is just like every other person, where the show CLAIMS that he a hard working student. The anime did that very well, but we see very little of that here. Ryuk is, of course, made of CGI, and it looks terrible as ever. The contact and relationship between Light and Ryuk that we have seen in the anime and manga are hardly even seen in this show. For example, After Ryuk introduces himself to Light, but they don’t see each other again in a month! L’s face was revealed after Lind L. Taylor died, and acts nothing like how the anime portrays him. The only thing they got right about him is his alias, hair color, gender, shirt color, and his sidekick, Watari.

I’m just going to stop here. I’m going to go into more detail by doing a review of each episode. You have my word on that. I know that I’m sounding a bit too rash on just the first episode so far, where there is already two other episodes that I have yet to see, but you need to understand that this episode was only 70:10 long. They managed to ruin a massive chunk of it’s source material without any thought or care. For those of you who are not fans of the anime, you will feel either bored, or laughing at how bad some of the performances are. But for the most part, this show will not grab you to see more. Just watch the anime or read the mangas. They’re only 12 volumes long, and they’re great! Oh, and stay away from the movies too. I won’t do a review of those movies, but I will get a chance to tell you about my thoughts on those movies.  For those of you who are fans, stay away from it. It will only make you angry.