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I am a movie lover and someone who enjoys watching some (not all) TV shows (Doctor Who, The Simpsons, a couple of anime, etc.). I choose to break out of my comfort zone to rip apart any remake and episodes of a TV show that happens to be really bad! These reviews are both called Remake Reaping and Rerunagade. Don't like what I do here? Well, that's a shame!

Before and After – The Disaster Artist

the room akinator

The Disaster Artist is one of my most anticipated movies of 2017. I have seen the trailers for this movie numerous times already to this point, because that’s how much I want to see it. I never read the book that this movie is based on, but I have seen The Room before. Before I go ahead of myself, I should start off as to how I found out about The Room.

My first ever conception of The Room was reading through Doug Walker’s list of Nostalgia Critic reviews he had in plan to release on his site. The Room was one of them. So, what I did back then before ever watching a film review from anyone was that I would watch the trailer first.

That trailer alone sold it to me that this movie will be bad enough to make a great Nostalgia Critic review. I immediately showed it to my brother after I saw his review, and this is his favorite scene in the film:

That scene alone is just pure magic to the both of us, just seeing how fast and clumsy everything played out within those 20 seconds. If you never saw the Nostalgia Critic’s review of The Room, then , one, why haven’t you, and two, watch it right now! You have no idea what you’re missing!

As for the movie, I didn’t see it till years later. I’d say that 2010 was the year I first saw it. I discovered it after looking up some more info about Tommy Wiseau on Wikipedia, which, by the way, if you ever try to look up info on the man’s origin, then good luck on that, because you will never find out a single thing about him. So, one of the things that I found out about the movie was that they use to air it on Adult Swim on every single April Fool’s day. I finally got my chance for free at the time, and I thought it was one of those fascinating experiences to me, finding out more things that I never seen before, like the tape recorder scene, like I even needed to see it, seeing how much green screen there was in the movie, and seeing the TV drop from his apartment building. But what made that experience very fascinating to me from just rethinking about it right now was that I got what he was trying to aim for. If I remembered what it was right now, I could of explained it. Probably not easy for say, but I could of given an explanation. But overall, I did enjoyed it okay, but I think that’s because it’s best to enjoy it with a crowed in a theater, because The Room, to my opinion, is one of those movies that needs to be seen in the theaters, but for different reasons obviously.

I knew about The Disaster Artist through Greg Sistero’s cameo appearance in the Nostalgia Critic’s fourth commercial video, just being advertised in the end credits. But then my brother told me just last year that James Franco was going to play the part of Tommy Wiseau, and people were saying that he is perfect for the part. After seeing the previews, I couldn’t have agreed more. Personally, they should have picked me, but he will do.


It took me 5 months to finally watch this movie, only because me and my brother couldn’t get the right time to watch it in theaters. He decided to wait for it’s Blu-Ray release, and I still didn’t get to watch it with him. Yeah, I saw it available at the Redbox yesterday and I didn’t want to wait any longer. Hopefully, my brother will get around watching it.

Now, about the movie. I never felt so happy about watching a biography as much as The Disaster Artist! I remember laughing so much watching Ed Wood, and yet I think that this movie is so much better! This is probably James Franco’s best movie yet, and the rest of the cast is just great! Even Seth Rogan does a great job in this movie, and I don’t really say that about Seth Rogan. As a matter of fact, I never said that about Seth Rogan. The only credit I ever gave him in my entire life was his script for The Muppets Movie and his role in The Beastie Boys’ revisited music video for Fight For Your Right.

This movie does a fascinating job on retelling what I assume is an accurate portrayal of the making of The Room. I say that I assume all of this because I never read the book, but knowing how Tommy Wiseau is like in real life, I buy all of it.

If there are two things that I have learned about this movie, it’s right at the beginning of the movie. You get to see a montage of celebrities and film makers, such as J.J. Abrams and Kevin Smith explaining just how great of a mess of an impact that The Room has left for so many others. It’s still being revisited by so many people for 15 years already, countless people have made mention of Tommy and his movie in every single way imaginable, and it’s more memorable than anyone thought it would. It was a film that once bit the dust, to people bringing it out of the dust for entertainment value. Sure, Ed Wood might have started the whole “so bad that it’s good” trend unintentionally, as well as the whole “so bad that it’s funny” trend too. To me, Tommy mastered both of them! It’s celebrated more than any movie that won best picture, as what the people in the opening montage said. That’s right, Citizen Kane and Titanic both got nothing on this movie!

But if there is one thing that I have learned about this movie, as well as what I can take out of it, it was Gregg’s character in this movie, as well as Tommy’s. And before I go any further into this part,




Gregg started off as a man who was both afraid and defenseless from doing what he is most passionate about, which was acting. Tommy Wiseau, on the other hand, was the polar opposite. He was out there, doing things that no one would ever think of doing or ever do, period. Gregg told Tommy that he was fearless, but Tommy just said that he’s just acting, and nothing else. Gregg then starts to pick up and just go out and do things that he’s most passionate about without even thinking about it with Tommy, and it really does speak out to me. You see, I have suffered a lot of fear and tension of wondering what people would say and do to me without attempting to go out there and do it. I always had passions to want to do things, but I never brought myself to do them. I felt so small and weak without knowing how big and strong I really was. I finally saw and realized all of this when I got older, made new friends in life, and had the help from them getting me to put my life into use. And what I just described to you is, not only what Gregg Sistero went through, but also what WE went through in our lives, as well as what some of you are going through right now. If there is a lesson that I believe we can learn from this movie, it’s faith. Faith in going out in this world without having the fear to do things and not always having to think about it. Faith in having hope that things will turn out the way we want it, instead of wondering about the negatives that could happen. And I do hope that you can learn this lesson from this movie that I highly recommend watching.

Spoiler end.

Even if you never heard of The Room before, or never even seen the movie, I still recommend this film. I even had people who never seen The Room or let alone heard of it, until I showed them  The Disaster Artist! It’s funny of how it mocks Tommy Wiseau, as well as it celebrates his legacy of the life that will forever be hidden from us all.


Before and After – Fullmetal Alchemist (2017)



If there is ever a topic in the entertainment industry that can never overlook out of annoyance, it has to be racial diversity. And before anyone writes out what you might be thinking, allow me to specify what I mean. When I watched the live action Attack on Titan movie, I knew there were already massive problems with the script, as well as what I saw right before my eyes. I will admit that the titans did look impressive (for the most part), and I do see it as Japan at their finest with CGI. However, I was bothered at first by giving the movie a Japanese setting instead of a European, German setting as to what the original source material it was based off of. But even if they did stick with that, my mind would never change, as I thought the movie was average. And then you got last years Ghost in the Shell, which was a movie that would never work in any way, shape, or form, and still tried to convince me that Japan is racially diverse. It isn’t. Now, if the movie was based in America, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, or any other European country that isn’t either Italy, Portugal, or Spain, then that would of made some sense.

Now, where does Fullmetal Alchemist fall into? Now, when it comes anime, one of the things that you would sometimes see stand out in their fantasy genre is a European setting, such as Berserk, Escaflowne, Claymore, and recently mentioned, Attack on Titan. It’s obvious that the Japanese does love seeing the western culture in their own creation, and how much they used our technology as part of their daily lives, from cars to computers. Fullmetal Alchemist is an interest case. Hiromu Arakawa based most of her work on Fullmetal Alchemist in real life events and historical figures, such as Xerxes being based off of the Persian king Xerxes, and Amestres being Europe, as well as the northern countries resembling Russia. I’m not going to go into more detail about the show’s influences on every culture that it borrows from, I prefer that you do look up Did You Know Anime’s two videos that were made about the show, and their info are a delight to talk about.

The reason for why I’m saying all of this is that the first time I ever heard of any news about this movie was in 2016. I read only the headline for this article from Spinler News, which I have no idea what kind of website this, so I’m not going to bash on it. However, the headline baffled me when it said that not having a single white actor in what I already made clear to be an anime based in a dominately white continent is a beautiful thing.

I have just read the article for the first time, and I do have some problems with it.

  1. The choices made for the white casting in both Doctor Strange and Ghost in the Shell was done out of stupidity, and many people agree that they could of found someone Asian to play as the roles. Not only that, but those are only two movies you pointed out that Hollywood made with those moronic decisions.
  2. Just because it’s a series made from Japan doesn’t necessarily mean it was good not to have anyone caucasian in it either, but I’m not mad that this movie was entirely made in Japan from a Japanese studio either. More on that later.
  3. It uses the Simpson’s skin color as an example. One, you do know that yellow was picked because Matt Groening didn’t have pink available to work with in a tight schedule, right? Two, the people’s skins in The Simpsons wasn’t just yellow either.

The situation here is that, yes, if you have a confidently good filmmaker from either America or from Europe making this movie with the races that were represented in the show, I wouldn’t have made such a huge statement about it. However, I have seen this been done before in different countries with other films as well.

I will probably talk more about my thoughts about this when I conclude everything I have made about this Japanese-only cast film on the end of the after part, and I believe I have said more than enough already at this point.

Now, as for Fullmetal Alchemist, I have never read the mangas before, so I can only speak for my perspective on both of the series that came out in the past. I did enjoy and love Fullmetal Alchemist when it first came out in the mid 2000s, and I do have some room for respect for the show, even though I will admit that the story hasn’t aged all that much anymore. It’s still a good show, but now that I have seen Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, I have to elevate that to a much higher degree. The newer series, to my opinion, just does everything that the series wasn’t able to do, and much better, from the plot development, to the story, and all the way to the characters. If you guys haven’t seen the anime yet, I do recommend Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood with a passion! So, where does the movie land with everything that I said?


It was okay. Not terrible, not insulting, and definitely not bad either. It was okay. Where do I begin with my review of this movie? Let’s start off with the visual effects. I have had issues with the CGI in Japanese films, always harping on how much they suck. But over the past couple of years, I think that they have improved in that field, and this movie proved it! I love how every CGI effect looks in this movie, and if there is a sequel coming out, I’ll be down to watch it just for the visual effects! It’s used right, for the most part. I’ll get to that later on.

The cinematography, with no questions asked, looks amazing! Everything is crystal clear, bright, and colorful. The director and screenwriter for this film, Fumihiko Sori, was also in charge for the visual effects on Titanic, and he did a great job on making sure that this movie looked great! Even the makeup is impressive!

The main characters are nailed perfectly well. Edward Elrich was adapted very well, and I couldn’t have asked for more. Alphonse Elrich was also adapted very well, and I was pleased with the interaction that both the brothers had in this movie, even though I can see where the actor’s neck is at in the armor.


The Humoculus are great! With little screen time they had on screen, they were used very well, and their makeup is done very well!


Lieutenant Hughes was really good in this film, and he was not wasted.

Now, you have been wondering why I just stopped talking about the characters, and why I haven’t talked about the story, and there’s a reason for it. Most of the characters in this movie was useless or underdeveloped to my opinion. Like Winry, she’s in most of this movie, and what does she do?

And you know what? Mustang, Hawkeye, Marcoh, Ross, and even Nina contributed something to this movie, but even they were underused from beginning to end. Yeah, when you have Colonel Mustang, one of the best, and greatest side characters in anime history, right next to Roronora Zoro and Vegetta, and was not even useful until the very end of the movie.

So, is the story any good? You need to understand that if the movie’s adaptation gets most of the source material right, which this movie tried to do, and almost succeeded, then I’m fine with that. They did get the religious con artist right in the first part of the movie, they got the Philosopher’s Stone right, and they even got the deaths of Nina, Hughes, and Lust right. But as for everything else, it felt kind of all over the place, and for those of you who have seen the movie, you might know what I’m talking about. And to top it off, due to the movie’s removal of Scar, Barry the Chopper, as well as the movie’s direction, there is little to no action to be found. Due to the loss of the action that both anime adaptations of the mangas that made the series entertaining, this movie turned out to be more of a drama. There’s nothing wrong with this movie being a drama, but the drama element’s of this movie outweighs what we all know and love about Fullmetal Alchemist. Some of the changes I was okay with, but there are others that I was irritated with. Example, and before I go any further,


Shou Tucker does get arrested, but the Nina chimera doesn’t die because, remember, Scar is not in the movie. So, how does Tucker die in this movie? Well, Tucker does live up towards the end of the movie, and manages to be released from the military release. Yeah, even I’m not sure if Envy released him when he was Ross. I was kind of lost right there. And then Tucker releases all of the Philosopher’s stones that were in a tank to be placed in his army of those white looking zombies with one big eyeball. I hope you know what I’m talking about, because I can’t remember what they’re called. I don’t like this change because you cut off a great fight scene in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, which I must add that this movie desperately needed, with Scar versus Edward, Alphonse, and Alexander Armstrong, who this movie also cut out entirely. I can say that I didn’t like how they killed off Marcoh in this movie, but then I remembered that I didn’t really care for his character from either anime anyway. The other part that I thought was ridiculous to me was how the scene of Ed and Al bringing there mom back to life looked. When they perform the transmutation, it was kind of weird to me. The roof of the house tore off because doing that caused the tornado from The Wizard of Oz to come and suck them up! That was both weird and Crazy!

Overall, this movie was still just okay, and I hope that what I just said explains why. It’s not boring, but it does feel kind of underwhelming when you compare this with the original source material. Do I recommend it? Personally, I was kind of let down the way it turned out, but I have heard some people found some enjoyment out of it, so I think you should give it at least one watch. Just be warned that this movie will not live up to what you wanted as a fan.

As for the full Japanese cast, I was thinking about it, and you know what? It doesn’t feel any different than me being in an Easter play for the kids for Easter service at my church, where not one character is being played by a Jew. It only consist of three white people, and the rest being played by Hispanics. Just don’t try to make a scene about it is what I was trying to say about all of this.

Before and After – Black Panther

It is just a few hours away from my viewing of Black Panther, and here’s my start of Before and After, where I discuss my pre-thoughts of a movie before watching it, and then I write out my review after the viewing. I have, so far, seen all of the Marvel movies before this. The only one that I have yet to see is Thor Ragnarok, but I will get to that eventually, even  though it’s been months already since it’s release. I have enjoyed all of them, even though I thought that the first two Thor movies were okay, as well as The Incredible Hulk, but I think most people agree that it wasn’t that great anyway. This was a movie that I wasn’t THAT inticipated to watch, but I felt the same for Ant-Man, and I heavily enjoyed it! I am expecting the same thing from Black Panther.

Now, I don’t want to avoid the big elephant in the room here since I am an advocate for defending people to state their own opinions. This movie’s “fans” are pretty much attacking those on Twitter that those who are making negative reviews are racist or evil people. I know that I have attacked people for making such negativity on something that I liked, but that doesn’t mean it’s right. There’s really nothing right about doing any of that! I also said the same thing about those who attacked the recent Blade Runner: 2049, and I rightfully attacked those who went against people’s negative feedback on the film because everyone has a right to speak out their minds.

At the same time, despite what’s going on, I’m going to try and put the movie first, because I’m only here to talk about the movie alone. Nothing more, nothing less. So from here on forth, I’m going off to eat first, then watch the movie. I’ll be back!


I have to admit that I saw this movie about a week ago, so not only am I very delayed at this (which is pretty much me in a nutshell on this site), but my mind is very fuzzy about this movie. So maybe this can help me out with a spoiler free review. I can finally say that





Yeah, after all of that hoopla of defending this movie from negative criticism, I can only limit it down as just good, and nothing more. Even my friends who saw it with me didn’t think too much about it either. And you know what? I don’t know why I feel this way about the movie. I liked it, and so did my friends. There’s just something about this that bothers me. I can’t say it’s because I’m not a fan of Black Panther, and I never read any of the comic books, but then again, I never read any Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, or even Guardians of the Galaxy comic books before, and I enjoyed those movies perfectly well.

This movie pretty much is just a whole story of a man coming into power over his kingdom story, but with everything being so powerful and high tech in comparison from everyone else, not letting the whole world know! T’Challa, played by Chadwick Boseman, is Black Panther! Yeah, I’m just pointing that out to everyone, just in case if you didn’t know. He does a good job in this movie, and so does everyone else. The action scenes are very good to watch, especially with the car chase in South Korea, which I believe was the best part of the movie. The villains in this movie, to my opinion, is kind of a mix bag for me. Andy Serkis was having a blast, even though I felt at times that he was having too much fun, and Michael B. Jordan’s character could have used a little bit more character development.

Like I said, I don’t want to spoil anything, nor do I have a lot to say that stands out for me. Everyone did a good job in this movie, some of the action scenes are great to watch, and there’s a lot for everyone to like about it. It’s a good movie, and you should go out and watch it! Just don’t expect yourself to think that this is the greatest super hero movie of all time. Man, this whole “why don’t I love this movie” is going to bother me for the rest of my life.

Before and After – Bright



It has been about a month since this movie came out on Netflix, but I’m finally getting around to watch Bright. Why did I take this long to finally watch Bright? Curiosity’s sake. I don’t want to believe that many people never done this before, wanting to see why a movie or TV show got a bad reputation. I did the same thing with both Batman V. Superman and Suicide Squad. Even though I didn’t like Batman V. Superman, I didn’t think the movie was that bad either. Yeah, it was boring, but being boring just doesn’t cut it for me anymore when being unwatchable. I don’t have a lot to say about David Ayer’s work, or even the man himself, so I’ll just jump right into Suicide Squad for a brief second. I liked this much better than most people did, and that is mostly because you had characters who were actually having fun for the most part, and the movie was trying to have fun. Plus, there was more of an effort of being an entertaining movie in Suicide Squad than what Batman V. Superman failed to do. Not great, due to how much work the editing needed, and the other characters were kind of forgotten to be fleshed out, and Jared Leto as the worst Joker I have ever seen. But I was at least satisfied for what I saw. And that is all I have to say about David Ayer. I’m kind of doing the same thing here for Bright. That, and I have nothing else to do at the moment. A movie that got such backlash that feels like it deserves some speculation. I really don’t know what to expect from this movie, other than I was told there were some elements from the Lord of the Rings movies in this, but I feel like I should just take that as a grain of salt. Here goes nothing.


I finally got around to watching Bright, and you know what? I found it to be very boring, Not only was it boring, but very annoying too. I’m now struggling to figure out what the right words are to be used for this movie, because for a movie that has to do with magic and fairy tale elements in present day Los Angeles, not a lot of importance happens. Even now, after watching it not long ago, I’m struggling to remember what happened.

Will Smith and Joel Edgerton aren’t very good. They’re both just one dimensional, bickering at each other and everyone else. It’s just the same pace of dialog throughout the entire movie, and you get sick of it after 15 minutes in. And if you think that’s bad enough, most of the characters in this film are like that too. Those who are from East LA are like that, most of the LAPD are like that, and those who are not like that are dull. The elves are forgettable to where the movie could of done without them, but for a movie that has a huge district for themselves, you hardly get to see any, other than the bad guys, which consist of only 3. As for the Orcs, they’re also one dimensional as those from South LA, such as Compton or Watts.

If you think that I’m being racist here, then that brings me to my biggest problem with this movie, as well as the big elephant in the room. This film feels like it’s held bent on delivering it’s social commentary on racism and social classes. You got the elves, who are suppose to be the representation of the rich, white people, an then you got the orcs, who are suppose to be the blacks in South LA, acting like a bunch of thugs and stereotypes. What I find really interesting is that the only people who are not any type of mythical creature in this film and are still portrayed as stereotypes are the Latinos. And you know what? For someone who lives in East LA, they got them right. As a matter of fact, these people are probably the most accurate part of reality, even though having them drive and arm themselves with assault riffles might have been pushing it. My problems with all of this is that its already outdated, and it feels like it was trying to get around with a message that was nowhere to be found. In other words, the social commentary was all for nothing in the end.

As for the story, I will say it has some elements that should work. If I haven’t said it before, the premise is very good. Having fairy tales in the hood really does work. But there are some things that doesn’t make any sense about it. For starters, Downtown Los Angeles, which is the Elven District, doesn’t look all that different from regular Downtown Los Angeles. Adding a few different skyscrapers doesn’t do a thing to show some change. My other point is that the world this movie is based on doesn’t look all that special either. If you have a world where there are elves and orcs, can you at least make the environment look a little more different from it already is? I know that this world has some magic and wands (which most people outright calls it a fairy tale, and yet it makes no sense), but it just turns out to be pretty lazy to me.

And there’s an involvement with an elf and a big fat bearded ginger who works for the Magical Task Force, and they’re suppose to be the FBI in this movie. However, they’re both rendered useless and the movie can do without them. This task force is trying to find a wand that both Will Smith and Joel Edgerton coincidentally finds by accident in one of their jobs that is said to be like the equivalent of a nuclear weapon, and the only ones who can use it are known to be called as “bright,” and at the same time the LAPD is trying to get Will Smith to frame Joel Edgerton to earn enough money for letting an orc kid go in a crime. I know that I’m not calling Will or Joel by their character’s names, but I can barely remember their names. Framing Joel doesn’t go anywhere, and this whole movie’s story just blows.

I’m struggling to figure out what else I want to say.          …’s too dark to tell what’s going on, which is why almost every action scene, including the final climax of the film, fails to deliver. Some of the special effects look nice, but that’s mostly because they show us something bright enough to see what’s going on. Yeah, that’s about it. There wasn’t a lot to talk about, and that’s because almost nothing happens in this movie.

If I saw this movie last year when it came out, this would have been around number 3 or 4 on my list of worst movies of 2017. The dialog is just repetitive all the way through like a Quintin Tarantino movie gone wrong (“cough” Boondock Saints “cough”), the cinematography is unappealing, the writing is nowhere close to being good enough to pass as just “okay,” and I said it before, and I will say it again. This movie is boring. I know I established earlier that being boring just doesn’t cut it for me anymore to be bad, but to me, this movie did more than just that, and my previous sentence should of established that.

Top 5 Worst Movies of 2017

I don’t really go out and watch movies all too often, which means I don’t see a lot of bad movies either (not that I want to anyway). However, I did watch enough bad films make up a list of the bad movies that I saw all year-long. So, here goes nothing!



Just to let you know, I love reading the book this movie is based on. I truly believe that The Case for Christ is an excellent book for people to read, especially for those who are wanting to know all of the burning questions that they have about Jesus. And this movie does go into that.      …..for at least a third of the movie. Yeah, the other two-thirds of this movie is struggling to save Lee Strobel’s family (the main character), and his case of an accused murderer. And neither one of them are that interesting. I can tell why those two parts were in the movie, because his interviews can’t fill up roughly 2 hours of its run time, it these problems do show why there shouldn’t have been a movie on The Case For Christ to begin with. I’m not hateful about this movie, I was rather disappointed for the most part. However, it’s one of the better Christian films that I have seen within the past ten years. But it’s still not a good enough movie.



Talk about a remake that has no purpose for existing. I’m going to say it right off the bat and just say that Beauty and the Beast was never my favorite fairy tale, nor is Beauty and the Beast my favorite Disney animated film. That honor belongs to The Little Mermaid. I only saw this movie because I was with a friend and her group for her birthday, and she wanted me to watch this movie with her. I was lost at first as to what I thought about it, walking out, saying random things like “I guess it was fine?” But then I developed more of an opinion about it to where I can safely say that I didn’t like it. Emma Watson can’t sing through a sheet of toilet paper, especially when she sings a high note. Some of the CGI either looked okay, to just either creepy or unnecessary, like the beast being in full CGI. Even the controversy over LeFou being gay or not was a waste of time, especially for those who demanded a scene that would have made him gay to be put in was serving as a waste of time. Honestly, I don’t remember this movie very well, but I do remember Sarah Lewis from the Cinemasnob’s website saying about people who defends this movie by saying “why change something that’s not broken?” Sarah best said it, “Why do anything?” At least the food we ate before the movie was delicious!



I wanted to like the anime when I first saw both the original movie and Stand Alone Complex. I really, REAAALLLLY did! But I couldn’t. It’s too slow for me to get into, and I love cyberpunk. I do believe that it’s a great and fascinating genre to work with. I just wish it can make a huge comeback again. This movie couldn’t even do that. I saw this movie just to see whether or not if the rumors on the racism were true, and it was worse than I expected to be. You’re obviously in Japan, a country that is, according to statistics, is 98.5% Japanese, and to top it all off, this movie’s story did the whitewashing for us by saying that a Japanese girl died, and then had her brain being put in a white woman’s body. That’s worse than not giving an explanation as to why a woman with Japanese relations is being played by a white actress. Even if I didn’t notice any of those issues in the first place, I can’t even bring myself to say that this movie is good. Not even close. This film’s story is both forgettable and uninteresting. I don’t even know what it was about. Not that I even knew what the first movie was about either, but come on. Couldn’t you at least try with this movie? Not only that, but the characters are boring, the villain is boring (or at least I think there was a villian), and the CGI was all over the place. I swear, if I see another hologram in real life, I am going to destroy whatever is projecting it, and declare it witchcraft! This movie had no reason to show off that much CGI, and it makes the CGI in the Star Wars prequels look minimal in comparison.

Now we’re down to two more. Before I say anything about what number 2 is, I just want to add that the previous movies that I saw were pretty much based off of source materials that didn’t care for, with the exception of The Case For Christ. However, these two movies that I am about to talk about are based off of source materials that I love so much that turned out to be incredibly bad. So brace yourselves and be very afraid, because it’s about to get very ugly after this paragraph.



Why is this series so difficult to adapt in live action? No, better question. Why do so many people try so hard to make a live action adaptation of Death Note? This should be an easy series to adapt, and yet no one can do good with it. We had the awful as hell movie trilogy in the past, the somehow worse live drama series from 2015, and somehow, SOMEHOW this is worse than all of those combined! I can’t believe that this movie turned out so bad! I don’t think I even need to explain here as to why this movie was so bad. Here, I wrote all about it:

What also drives me insane about this movie are those who liked it. Yes, it may be hard to believe, but there are people who said this movie was good. No offense to those who liked this garbage, but what the hell were you smoking to say that!? Horrible! Just plain horrible!


I can list at least one of everything that is wrong with that praise.

I am a huge fan of the Alien movies, excluding 3, some of 4, or even the Alien vs. Predator movies. But overall, it has writing and story telling, as well as direction that I think makes up good movies. This one started off, for me, as a conflicting situation. I walked out of it with my brother during premier night, not knowing how I felt about the movie. I was rather confused for the most part, wondering whether or not if I thought it was good or not. I remembered the moment perfectly well when I finally made up my opinion. I was drying the dishes on a Friday afternoon, somewhere around 12:30ish or so, and I started to think about the movie, saying to myself “wait a sec. If these engineers claimed to be the creators of the human race, make a spaceship that can master space travel, create space suits, make signals that can go outside in space, as well as holograms with prerecorded images, then why were they living in stone-like civilizations, stone temples, and use both papyrus and tools made out fo sticks and stones?” And then the massive amount of plot holes began to submerge inside of my brain. And then, everything else. The beautiful cinematography is wasted with unintentionally comedic slapstick in some areas, the people who you see in this movie have no characters to care for, and not even the characters give any care to mention their names all that much. The married men calls their wives, without ever mentioning their names! Not only that, but this movie made David, the best character in Prometheus, to be incredibly dumb in this movie. Not only that, but unlike in Prometheus, where everyone complained about the scientist and geologist being really stupid, you can go back to that movie and fall on your knees, begging for forgiveness on everything about that movie, because Alien: Covenant humiliates everyone else! It humiliates farmers, it humiliates men in leadership, it humiliates guards, thrown in anything! I’m pretty sure I missed that too! What kills me the most about this movie is that I liked Prometheus! Sure, it made some stupid decisions that I didn’t approve of, but for the most part, I was enjoying everything else that I saw, and I defended that movie for 5 stinking years! Now that we have this movie, not only contradicting Prometheus, but it even contradicts the entire Alien franchise as well. Now I finally know and understand the haters of Prometheus, because this hurt me a lot. I have no faith in the next 6 movies. Oh, goodness gracious, there are 6 more in the works! I don’t know if I can even do it.

“sigh!” That was my top 5 worst movies of 2017. This wasn’t easy for me reflect upon, and watching these movies was more of a challenge for me. This was work if I ever experienced it. So, did you disagree with any of this? Which movie did you see all year that was the worst for you? Let me know in the comment section below, and stick around for my list of top 5 favorite movies of 2017!

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Top 5 Movies I’m Glad I Didn’t See In 2017

I know it’s not right to judge a book by its cover, but if the trailer doesn’t invest me to watching it, or if there are other reasons that-    You know what? I’m gonna write out why I avoided these movies!



When I first saw the first Transformers movie, I was oblivious from the huge amount of negativity that it got from the critics, and from everyone else who rightfully hated it. I liked it a lot as the dumb 17 year old I was. You know what? A lot of us were dumb back then for giving it over $700 million. But when the second one came out, my brother came out explaining just how it was the worst movie he has ever seen. I saw it, but even though I don’t agree with him, it was still very bad. I saw the last third of the third one, and even then I was annoyed at how awful it was. I didn’t bother with the fourth one, and I didn’t bother with this one either. To me, these movies have no reason to continue up to part 5, and from the looks of it, the quality doesn’t seem to improve in any way, from the trailers, it seem to have the same structure as the last 4, and I stopped caring to give these movies a watch. Usually, box office records don’t apply to me as quality, and now that China, these movies last, dying effort to make money for a failed movie, did not give a crap to pay for this movie.



I had no interest in seeing this movie, since the mummy was one of my least interested Universal monsters, and this movie still didn’t change my mind to see it. And after hearing about how bad this movie did, I was relieved that I didn’t put any money into this. And even hearing that this was suppose to be a start of another cinematic universe, that just sounded dumb to me. How can you start a cinematic universe where your three previously failed films you had were The Wolfman, I, Frankenstein, and Dracula Untold? It’s clear and evident that whoever wanted to start this not only didn’t think this through, but also should have first tried to make a good movie before anything else.



I never thought that the previous sequels were as bad as most people made them out to be, at least not 2 and 3, but I thought the fourth one was so bad that I didn’t even care to watch the 5th one. And I even had one of my friends saw the trailer for this one, and asked “Does anyone even care anymore?” That was, from what I can tell, truer than I thought. I don’t get why Disney would want to allow another Pirates movie to be made and released 6 years later, or even make another sequel in the first place. I didn’t care to watch this movie, and I feel grateful for it.



Tyler Perry, if you somehow found out about my website, I’ll just tell it to ya plain and simple. I will never understand you and your fans, and your movies for that matter. I tried to watch Madea Goes to Jail a few years ago, and even when I first saw Madea in jail, I stopped watching it, only because I couldn’t take anymore of it. I can’t even figure out how Tyler Perry keeps getting the funding for making these movie, nor do I know how he has a following either. And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but my brother knew I couldn’t stand Tyler Perry so much that he even went as far as buying me this….    “thing” for Christmas.

$75 for a family reunion?! Even 75 cents would be too much for this tape!

So, no. I will never give in to watch another Tyler Perry movie ever again! I will even fight people to keep me away from watching another second of his movies!



Let me give you an explanation as best as I can possibly offer. Last year, I saw the reboot to a miserable faliure of another cinematic universe that was suppose to be launched. That movie was Ghostbusters. It was the worst movie I have saw all last year, not only because I didn’t see that many movies last year to make up a list (but I rarely go out see movies anyway), but my goodness, was it awful. And then I looked back at all of the previous movies that they have made in the past 2 decades, such as The Magnificent Seven, Chappie, Goosebumps, After Earth, Sex Tape, Annie, White House Down, The Amazing Spider-Man movies, Passengers, Life, all of the Resident Evil movies, and the onslaught of Happy Madison movies that refuses to die, I started to think to myself “is this studio really worth putting any money into anymore, besides Spider-man Homecoming, only because it was also a Marvel movie, and that alone? And even the movies that came out this year didn’t changed my mind. Geostorm?! Resident Evil: The Final Chapter?! (why was it in chapters all of a sudden?) The Emoji Movie?! The Dark Tower?! Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation?! And no, don’t throw in other movies that you thought were good, like Baby Driver or Blade Runner: 2049. I’m glad that I didn’t put in a single penny to watch a child molester on screen, and I never liked Blade Runner in the first place anyway. Even some of their disisions in the past were too dumb to past as anything you would want to write home about. When Peter Jackson was going to start making The Lord of the Rings trilogy, he went up to Sony, and told to make them as one whole movie. Not only that, but Sony was caught making up fake reviews for their own movies back in 2002. And don’t get me started with the Sony hacks either.

Yeah, I’m done with this list. I hope you enjoyed hearing me ramble on about these movies that I didn’t give a fair chance to see, but I did give fair and honest reasons for why I didn’t want to see them either. Let me know which movies you were thankful for not watching this year. Leave your comments on the comment section below, and stay on board for the my top 5 worst movies of 2017!

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Quick Look Through Dragon Ball – 21st Tournament Saga


The Tournament saga ran for 14 episodes, with three different categories. The first 5 episodes are about both Goku and Krillin being trained by Master Roshi, the tournament itself, and the final match. This, to me, is the way how I see as the start of how we view Dragon Ball as a whole. Before this saga, we only saw an adventure-type theme, trying to search for the Dragon Balls. Now we don’t get to see it as much after this saga. I guess the closest we get to that was in GT, but I digress until we get there, and I don’t count the Frieza saga either, and I will explain my point until we get there.

And before I go any further, I also found out just recently about the English names for these characters. Before Funimation took the job for doing the English translation, Harmony Gold did the first 5 episodes of Dragon Ball, as well as the first and third Dragon Ball movie. I’m not too sure only those two were dubbed by Harmony Gold. The names that were different were:

Goku – Zero (*groan*, yeah)
Bulma – Lena
Karin – Whiskers the Wonder Cat (I got nothing)

and my personal favorite,

Oolong – Mao Mao

The other series that Harmony Gold did were Dr. Slump, Gatchaman, and the greatest one of them all, Robotech. The only big stinker from Harmony Gold was……  *sigh*    Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned. Yeah, I’ll just stop right there. This saga was the first time Toonami was allowed to air the show in English. You see here, the very first 13 episodes of Dragon Ball for the longest time was owned by Lionsgate all the way up till it’s contract was expired in 2009, then giving the rights to FUNimation to do their job. As for this saga, it was only first aired on Toonami in 2002, thanks to the popularity of Dragon Ball Z. The only thing that this saga had changed was the music. This was more troubling in Dragon Ball Z, and I will get to that.


The first episode of this saga shows Goku flying to Master Roshi’s house so he can get stronger. It also has scenes of Bulma, Yamcha, Puar, and Oolong trying to get to West City through trials and tribulations, like crash landing in a jungle when flying an airplane inbetween trees instead of flying over them, and walking through a desert. In these scenes you get to see Krilin trying to get to Master Roshi’s house to also become stronger too. And how does he arrive at Master Roshi’s house in front of Goku and Roshi? Like this.

I hope that Team Four Star will abridge this series.

Krillin travels to Master Roshi to train under his martial arts. Goku only needs to find a woman for Master Roshi. But Krillin, on the other hand, knew what he wanted right away. Porn. And you know what? I can believe that. I mean, have you not seen the women he has went out with?


What can you say? Krillin's a pimp!
What can you say? Krillin’s a pimp!

Krillin was suppose to start off as just a minor character, but later on grew into one of Goku’s best friend, if not, his best friend in the franchise, until Vegeta came in. And before I go any further, I should establish my thoughts on Krillin. To me, he’s the type of guy who is hard to hate.  He’s there to make fun of for many reasons that we all have,  but I think we all share the same opinion about him:


Anyway, this episode is half-entertaining, and half-boring. Most of the boring stuff is from the first half of the episode, seeing Bulma, Yamcha, Puar, and Oolong wonder around, trying to get back to civilization. But the second half gives us all a payoff.


This episode gives us the introduction of Launch.

They’re the same person, by the way.

What’s that? A DBZ fan just questioned who Launch is? How can you NOT KNOW who she is? She only had her one cameo appearance when she helped Goku create the spirit bomb in the Kid Buu saga.


Oh, wait a sec, I remembered now. She appeared again in the Vegetta Saga, just so she can never be seen again til’ the last few episodes of DBZ. I’ll get to that later on. She was also suppose to turn up somewhere else in DBZ, but I will get to that very later on.

Yeah, of all the characters in the entire franchise, one can wonder why she disappeared from the show. Her character is the most weirdest and humorous in this show.

When she has blue hair, she has a soft, dumb, and has innocent personality. But when she sneezes into a blonde, she tough enough to the point where it really makes me wonder who would win in a fight between Launch or Revy from Black Lagoon. And now I might have started a new fan fic. This episode is entertaining at best, being kind of western-type of episode with Launch in it. Give it a watch for the fun that Launch provides, even though it has a character who will end up not having too much of a purpose for the rest of the show. Maybe that’s why Launch was in only two episodes of DBZ. Go figure.


“Find That Stone” is the beginning of Goku and Krillin’s training from Master Roshi on another island.  The training in this episode requires both Goku and Krillin test to see who’s the fastest, and trying to find a rock within an hour that Master Roshi throws in a jungle in the island they are in. There isn’t a lot to say about this episode, other than that Krillin is seen in these first few episodes as a jerk towards Goku. He lies, cheats, and even tries to downplay Goku, thinking that he is better and tougher than him. Pfft! Yeah right. Just you wait till the next martial arts tournament.


“Milk Delivery” is considered to be one of the most strangest episodes in the franchise. The only reason is because of how both Goku and Krillin are delivering the milk They have to deliver the milk to the citizens of this unnamed island, and that is normal. But they have to deliver this milk by skipping from one house to another.


And then they have to skip in a zig-zag through a road with trees on both sides. And then they have to walk up on a huge stair case that leads to the top of a really high hill.


And then they have to cross a tree trunk that is on top of this hill that leads to another hill, go through a river, and walk through a desert to deliver milk.


If you think that’s not crazy enough, in the beginning of this episode has Goku sleeping on Launch’s bed, only to wake up and see her blonde’s side waking up, shooting Goku, and Goku kicks her right in the face!

Oh, and Yamcha appears again in the end of this episode. This episode is entertaining, just to see how far Master Roshi took his training for both Goku and Krillin over delivering milk. It’s strange, but I say you give this a watch for that reason alone.


This episode is more of the last episode, like delivering milk again, being chased by a shark butt naked, being chased by a dinosaur, which means that Lord Beerus didn’t kill all of them, and tilling the fields with their bare hands. And now Goku’s role as a farmer, and his training with Whiz and Vegeta is starting to make sense, isn’t it? Plus, Goku and Krillin gets educated, which is quite unheard of when you think about Goku actually learning something, instead of having to believe that he’s, umm, …..”special”.

Another thing that I would like to point out is that with every exercise Master Roshi gives both Krillin  and Goku, there’s always a point in it all. He gives an explanation for how each exercise helps them train for fighting, which is something that Mr. Miyagi failed to do in The Karate Kid. If that movie explained it to the audience, then maybe  “wipe in, wipe out” would make some sense for us all. Great episode, nothing more to add-on top of that


The very first half of this episode is just more of training and eating. Now, about Goku eating. The joke at first, I believe, was that Goku was so pure, so innocent, and so juvenile that he loves to eat a lot. And then his son Gohan came along and he ended up loving to eat a lot. Okay, he gets a lot of things from his dad, so that works. Fair enough. And then we get to see Vegeta eat as a pig, which meant that maybe only Saiyans eat like crazy. And then Beerus and Champa came along, and they love to eat a lot too. The only lesson I have to give you all is this: if space aliens come on planet earth, make sure to prepare them a buffet table that can circle the earth twice! Oh, and both Goku and Krillin go to the Tenkaichi Budokai in style as Japanese Blues Brothers!


The second half is Yamcha meeting Bulma in West City, Goku and Krillin heading to the Tenkaichi Budokai, and wearing their fighting gi for the first time.


You may be wondering why almost every character in the show has a circle with a logo on it, and Toriyama just said that he never had a reason for why.

This episode does give us a few introductions in the series, like West City, the fighting gis, Papaya Island, and the Tenkaichi Tournament. Outside of that, this episode feels more like the last one in the first half, almost making this whole episode feel like you could have easily combined the second half with the flashbacks of Master Roshi’s training that you see later on in future episodes. Not a bad episode, but not something I’m going to look back at.


We finally have the very first episode of the Tenkaichi Budokai, and now we get into the nitty-gritty of its origins. Akira Toriyama adopted most, if not, all of Dragon Ball from his love of the Chinese culture. The story of the show was based on of Journey to the West, the action was based off of watching Kung Fu movies (which is what made him want to make the series to begin with), the tall thin mountains were based off of China’s Tianzi Mountains,


and the Tenkaichi Budokai was based on from a real life tournament in Lei Tai.


Toriyama loved China and it’s culture so much that he stopped using it after the show was over.

The location of Papaya Island, however, was based in Bali, Indonesia, where Toriyama and his wife toured in Indonesia, and based the tournament’s designs from, all the way from the structures, it’s village, to its statues. The rules for the Tai Lei tournament worked the same as the Tenkaichi Budokai’s rules, where you lose when you’re knock out of conscience, you get a ring out, and you can say that you give up.

The preliminary tournaments involves in 100 fighters, Goku, Krillin, Yamcha, and Bruce Lee.

Yeah……when you’re Bruce Lee, and you surrender to Krillin of all people, then you know there’s something wrong with you. Anyway, this episode is fun to watch, giving a good introduction to the Tenkaichi Budokai.


This episode officially starts the first fight of the Tenkaichi Budokai with Krillin versus Bacterian, who is what you get if Gimli wasn’t a dwarf and became a wrestler. I know people can see Krillin smell Bacterian, but he has no nose. Akira Toriyama said that this is only possible because he has what he calls a physical idiosyncrasy, which allows him to breathe in through his skin. Yeaaaaah, don’t bother looking it up. That’s not what it is.

This episode does include the very first appearance of the announcer!


You may be wondering what his name is. Me too. I tried to look all over the internet and figure out what his name is, and I have come into dead ends. And no, this is not the reason for why it took me 3 years to write all of this. Not even Akinator himself was able to know his name.

dragon ball akinator

And since I can’t find out his name, let’s at least talk about the English voice actor himself, Eric Vale. Eric Vale got his very first job as a voice actor as Trunks in Super Android 13 in 1992, but for some reason was credited as Eric Johnson, and then get the role as the announcer in 1993 during the Majiin Buu saga. He would later on in time get to be in more noteworthy roles, such as Loki in Fairy Tail, both Canada and America in Hetalia: Axis Powers, Casshern in Casshern Sins, and his most famous role of them all, Sanji in One Piece. I really love his role as the announcer. He’s always excited, always in a great mood, and was able to live through Piccolo Jr.’s destruction. He’s practically immortal enough to live through the end of GT. And yes, I do mean that he was able to live after Majin Buu destroyed the world.

Anyway, good episode, even though there’s a scene in it that goes a little too overboard of the disgusting factor.


This episode’s first half starts with the match between both Jackie Chun and Yamcha. Spoilers: Yamcha loses very quickly. Yup, this is the first time you ever get to see Yamcha as a loser. After that match is over comes the fight between Nam and Ranfan, a woman who you would confuse for a hooker due to her fighting tactics that continues to show why it took FUNimation forever to bring this show on the air. We know nothing about Ranfan, but we do know some details about Nam, who came to the Tenkaichi Budokai to get money to save his village that’s in dire need of money. In other words, he’s basically Uub, just without being a Majin. What’s also strange is that Master Roshi is able to read his mind. It goes from being vague, to being useless here as it did with both Goku and Vegeta. I bet you anything you forgot those two can do that until I just mentioned it here. Good episode, even though I didn’t have a lot to say about it.


This episode starts Goku’s very first real fight against a dragon, and it is kind of exciting to watch, even though you know who’s going to win. You get to see Goku almost lose, Goku growing back his tail, which I will discuss more of in the Piccalo Jr. saga, and Goku destroying the statue faces in the arena. That was done because Toriyama’s assistant at the time was tired of drawing those faces in, so he used Goku to test his strength by destroying them. That alone showcases Toriyama’s talent of being the master of cutting corners on not to always draw all the time. This was also one of the reasons for why Super Saiyan was made, because Toriyama’s assistant was tired of coloring in Goku’s hair all the time, which he can just let Goku’s hair look white all the time in the manga. Very good episode, showing that this saga was on a role.


this episode features Krillin’s fight against Master Roshi, AFTER Goku proves that his tail is real by mooning the audience.

Whoooole lotta butts!

He does show his penis, but that butt is enough. The fight between Master Roshi and Krillin is a great watch, even when we see Krillin almost defeat and knock out Roshi, if it weren’t for him using his Kamehameha wave to bring him back, by performing what I believe was collateral damage. It sure won’t be the last time we will ever see our heroes do more collateral damage in the future. Great episode!


This episode features the fight between both Goku and Nam, which is an episode all in itself impressive to watch. Even both Nam and Goku looking like they’re flying in the sky!

And to top off the rest of the episode, we do get a moment of both Master Roshi and Nam discussing both Goku and Krillin’s passion to become the strongest in existence. It’s heartwarming and does establish what made Goku into what we see today when it comes to fighting. I do recommend this episode a lot for this last moment alone, even though Nam and Goku’s fight is great to watch too.

I was going to continue splitting these episodes as I’ve been doing this whole time, but I’m going to treat these three last episodes as a whole for the fight between Master Roshi and Goku. These episodes, in order, are The Grand Finals, Number One Under The Moon?, and The Final Blow. The first episode starts off with Master Roshi Knocking Goku out of the ring, making everyone believe that Goku lost within seconds. But then, for the first time ever, without the use of the flying nimbus, Goku manages to fly!

Goku can fly.png

Now if only Nappa was able to do the same thing, that way this line will work so much better:

And then we see Master Roshi fight Goku with the Kamehameha at the same time, and fight like a drunken man, while Goku does the same thing as a monkey, which he likes to call the crazy monkey technique.

Now if only Goku was able to use this technique against Frieza. And then in the next episode, Master Roshi was able to hypnotize Goku to sleep, which raises the question, would it work against Frieza when he came to earth during the Golden Frieza arc? Goku also beats Master Roshi up with some rock, paper, scissors! I forgot to mention that before the kamehameha was introduced, Goku would frequently use rock, paper, scissors as a fighting technique, learned from his grandfather. This fighting technique is no longer being used anymore, but it is referenced a lot in the franchise, even up to this day!

Master Roshi almost defeated Goku with his Sith lightning attack (which is one of the many moves we will never see again), and then see Goku turn into the almighty oozaru! This episodes ends, trying to make us believe that Master Roshi uses the kamehameha to kill Goku in the oozaru form, but in the next episode, we get to see that he only blew up the moon. I have three things that I would like talk about:

  1. Did this franchise lied to me into thinking that Krillin is the strongest human alive?
  2. Either Master Roshi is strong enough to blow up the moon, or the moon was as weak as toilet paper.

Another thing I would like to add is the Carrot Master and the Rabbit gang from the Emporor Pilaf saga.

Rabbit Gang Leader
Yeah, this guy

The last time we ever saw him was on the moon. And now the moon just blew up. According to Akira Toriyama, the moon blew the Rabbit gang off into space. Where exactly? All I know is that I want to see the Carrot Master make a return in Dragon Ball Super.

So anyway, both Master Roshi and Goku fight hand-to-hand combat, exhausted, in front of the setting sun, which makes this last fighting sequence so much beautiful to watch. Master Roshi ends up winning, along with the prize money that was wasted in feeding Goku.

This arc starts off kind of slow, but ends up being a joy when the Tenkaichi Budokai begins and ends. If anything, this arc’s reputation and what it was meant that the show was on a role, and the next arc will continue to solidify my point. Join me next time as we get to the Red Ribbon Army. We get to see the return of Pilaf, Chi-Chi, and the very first android in the show, Android 8! And let’s hope I don’t stall for another 3 years to continue making more of my Quick Look Through Dragon Ball.

In dedication of Hiromi Tsuru


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