First Thoughts – Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress


If there is anything that I have learned from experience of finding new shows to watch (as well as other forms of media), its that there are a few options as to how you discover them. You either:

  • A. find your new favorite thing from advertisement
  • B. watch it from the huge fan base that it already has
  • C., and the one that we are going to concentrate on, finding it out of random.

It is not common for the fellow viewer of today to choose option C, thanks to both A and B, but when you do pick C, what makes you want to do it in the first place? It might be that you want to find something new to watch, find something out of the norm from what others are into, or it might of looked interesting to you in the first place. For me, I picked Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress out of random on Amazon Prime, only because it looked and sounded interesting in the first place. And when you find a new anime to watch out of random, you have no idea if you have either found gold, or fool’s gold. I just watched the first three episodes of this show, and I can guarantee you that I did find gold!

NOTE: This show is still new at this point, and I didn’t know that until doing some research. At least you understand my point, and I’m sorry if I made anyone reading this, thinking that this came out a year ago.

Okay, lets see if this sounds familiar to the all of you. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress takes place in a historical period piece environment where people are pushed into walled cities to avoid zombie-liked monsters, called Kabane, where they can only be killed in a specific spot in their bodies, and then their city gets breached by the Kabane that causes everyone to evacuate to another civilization, and………..yeah, this anime is pretty much like Attack on Titan, but with several changes.

NOTE    ……AGAIN: I also found out that this show is from the same team that made Attack on Titan. This DOES explain a lot!

For starters, this historical setting is of the industrial revolution, it’s based in Japan, the Kabane’s weaknesses are hearts that are as strong as iron, they travel from one place to another on train, and instead of the main character turning into a giant, because there are no giants in this show, he’s in a hybrid between a human and a Kabane, called a kabaneri!

The main character, Ikoma, is not as aggressive or arrogant as Eren, but his intellect and ability to defeat the Kabane does make him interesting to watch.


You also have Mumei, the awesome supportive character of the show who can kill her opponents with ease, as well as being fun with the kids!


Then you got the leader of the pact, Ayame. She’s more of the concerned-type of character, who may not be the reliable kind, but still manages to pull off the authority figure of hers quite well when it shows.

I haven’t seen her use her bow yet, so I can’t comment on that yet.

As for everyone else, I’m still getting to know them as I’m going along with this show.


The animation is drop dead gorgeous, with a mixture of both newer anime, as well as older anime from the 90s. Don’t get me wrong, the animation’s quality still looks cleaner looking than the Japanimation era (post newer anime), but it still manages to pull the designs from the past and make it work. I mean, just watch this show, and you get what I mean. Even this image of Ayame is just scratching the surface of what I’m trying to talk about.


The music is well done, and it proves that you can make a score without trying to go over the top in shows like this. So far, the story isn’t that great, but I do hope it gets better as the show continues.

I do recommend this, but finding it to watch is going to be a challenge for some. This show is so far airing on Amazon Prime, and there doesn’t seem to be that many other anime sites that are streaming this show either. Not even Crunchyroll, and that site needs to stream this show, because this series is too good not to get any recognition. If you are able to watch it, watch it now!

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