First Thoughts – Aquarius


Aquarius is a show based in the late 60s, starring David Duchovny as Sam Hodiak, a cop trying to find and capture Charles Manson. The plot of this show is about a college student, or teenager ( can’t remember, sorry!) named Emma, played by Emma Dumont, who is trying to get away from her parents and starts to live and hide with Charles Manson with a bunch of hippies. Sam, along with his other partners, Brian and Charmain, go undercover, and try to find Emma and capture Manson.

This show gives us a picture of what the 60s looked like, from what the people were like, what most of the issues were at the time that I didn’t know, and what some of Los Angeles was like too. I have no idea what the ethnicity or the environment was like in Los Angeles back in the 60s, so I’m only taking what they show me with a grain of salt. Why do I say that? Most of the time, whether if it’s on TV or movies, Hollywood loves to make LA look like the most whitest and richest city in the world. I live in LA, and believe me, it is the polar opposite of what you think it is, for those who don’t live over here. And that Broadway musical from the Simpsons was only a joke!

Anyway, David Duchovny in this role as Sam is really good! I know I’m probably not going to gain any new fans from saying this, but I like Duchovny in this show a lot better than I did in The X-Files. Now, I haven’t seen The X-Files since the show ended, and I can’t remember too much from it either, but I’m just saying that he happens to have more charisma in this one than how much he had as Molder is all. But I do remember Duchovny having more charisma in the first season of X-Files too, so I’m hoping that won’t change all that much in Awuarius.In this show, he always tries to do his job in an attitude where he knows that he is being a jerk, but does it just to do the right thing. Its the kind of character that you shouldn’t like, but you end up liking him for who he is, and you want to know more about Sam.

Charles Manson, played by Gethin Anthony, does this role so perfectly, that he does what you are suppose to do to a bad guy. Hate him and hope he goes to jail!      ….even though you know that’s what’s going to happen to him on the end. With all seriousness, that’s what you’re suppose to do with a bad guy. As for the character himself, I’m going to be honest with you. I don’t know a lo about Charles Manson. All I know is that he was a wanted man who a lot of people hated, because everyone thought that he was the root of all evil. At least that’s what everyone makes him out to be. I even live on a street that I was told was one of the places where people gathered together when they saw Charles Manson and beat him up because they hated him. Like I said, I was only told about this, so I don’t know if that was ever true.

Outside of that, this show is thrilling, it makes me want to know how this will all turn out this season, and I do recommend this as a watch.