Black Lagoon – Maid to Kill


I’m sorry for being gone for too long, but don’t worry, I’m back again! I was going through some technical difficulties, but I’m here to continue with the Roberta trilogy in this show.

Roberta is in a shootout in a bar, using her umbrella as a shotgun and her briefcase as a machine gun, and says a creed to the Lovelace family. Not only does that happen, but the Lagoon company and Garcia just so happens to walk in. You know, some of you would think that taking a kid into a bar is illegal, but you should remember two things about this scenario:

  1. The Lagoon Company doesn’t care (even with Revi around)
  2. Some countries doesn’t care the slightest about having kids in bars.

If some of you did not believe a single word I say, even after explaining to you what this show is like, or you just can’t help but wonder how this scene would go, I can help you with that.

If you think that is as great as this show will ever get, then hold on to ya peeps butts, because this ride is going to get bigger and better!

Garcia is just shocked and amazed that Roberta can actually do such things, so as kill people maliciously and chaotically. Kid, if I were you, I would think that having a maid like this, who was trained in an army and hides grenades in her outfit would be awesome to have. That’s like being terrified that your butler turned out to be John Rambo. I can imagine that as a kid, having a burglar break into my house, finding my butler, and asking “who are you?” and my butler would just say “your worst nightmare!” Shoots like crazy with a machine gun, and then screams with the gun shooting in the air. Best. Childhood. Memory. I. Wish. I. Could. Of. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Revy gets knocked out, the bar blows up, and Rock takes Garcia with the Lagoon Company. Rock doubts that Roberta is dead, and actually feels that she is walking out of the fire, like she’s the Terminator. Even Rock tries to compare her with the Terminator too, saying she’s like a killer robot from the future in a movie, but without Arnold Schwarzenegger According to what goes on in this three parter, she might be better than the Terminator, if you can believe that. I mean, she doesn’t die. After all, there is a sequel to this show, or season, (sometimes I can’t tell with anime) called Roberta’s Blood Trail, which I have not seen yet. She’s as close to being an unstoppable force! Well, actually, there is one other towards the end, but we’ll get to that.

This doesn’t go too well for Balalaika when she discovers that Roberta was once called “Bloodhound” and that she is extremely dangerous. This makes her bring out her soldiers from the Russian Mafia out into what she could consider to be warfare.

Anyway, Dutch tries to take the crew to the Lagoon, as they see that they are being chased by Roberta in probably the best car chase I have, by far, seen. This is saying a lot for me, since I have seen car chase scenes from Bullet, Gone in 60 Seconds, and Deathproof. You have the usual gun ho action driving, raming cars into each other, waking Revy up, and grabbing Dutch’s arm without any hesitation. And just when you thought the insanity behind this woman couldn’t have elevated enough for you, she somehow managed to drive a car on top of what appears to be a couple of buildings that are probably 4 stories high and tries to dive right on top of their car! And then, if you think that Rock’s comparison to her as the Terminator was an over-exaggeration, Roberta pulls out a huge knife, with spikes on the hilt, and thrusts it on the trunk of the car. So this episode ends with Garcia trying to stop Dutch from shooting her. Will he do it, even though you might predict that he won’t? Find out next time! Hopefully, I will get the next review done soon.