High School of the Dead – Escape from the Dead


We have all heard the question about how so many non-anime fans would question why so many anime have teenagers as the main characters. The easiest and popular answer that so many people can give is simply that it is made and geared towards the teenagers. But now I must raise everyone reading this post this question: why are a big number of anime that have teenagers as the main characters are bloody, gory, and contain the adult contend that you would find in a Michael Bay movie? I tried to find an answer to this question. I really did. Since I fail to find an answer, all I can do is criticize how much High School of the Dead continues to baffle me and every anime before and after this one continues to follow this path.

I know that there are worse anime out there than this when it comes to fan service, but the more anime that I see that anime like this has fan services on teenage characters, and that a good deal of the viewers are adults, the more I feel unclean to be an otaku. I don’t know who was responsible for starting this, and I know that its what is making anime growing as big as it is today, unfortunately, but when will it end? I still wish for the day to come that all of this will die off. Believe me, it will be the greatest day of my life when it comes, and I will not be silent about it! And for those of you who do like this, I will try to listen to every one of your cries of sorrow and pain, indicating that my dreams did come true. If you are new to my site, and can’t take the morbid jokes that I will play on my fans like these, then I’m amazed that you made it this far. But for me, this show just continues to amaze me after watching it through the second time. So far, I’m glad that there is only one season, and I’m having high hopes that season 2 will never be made. I hope that it will stay that way.

We start our second episode called “Escape from the Dead.” I don’t know who decides to name these episodes, but if all of your episodes are going to have the word “dead” or written out “of the dead,” “from the dead,” or just “the dead” in that order, then your creative thinking just sucks. You’re not being cool, you’re just being stupid and lazy. Our episode opens with both Saya and Kohta running to get out of their high school, where even the staff and teachers are all already devoured. Yeah, I’m just raising my hand right now to ask why most zombie apocalypse stories have a vast majority of people already turn into zombies within a few hours? At least in 28 Days Later, you had the virus spread quickly into the humans and act like raging animals that is caused by only one drop of blood that goes into your system. That at least makes sense. Even in Fear the Walking Dead was realistic on slow it started that the show took it’s time on how it spread. This anime, on the other hand, made it look like it spread quicker than the negative feedback for both Pixels and Fant4stic, and the zombies don’t even move fast at all. There is no reason for this epidemic to spread this quickly at all, nor is there any reason for nobody to take this long to end it. And believe me, this will only get dumber as the show goes on.

Then we cut back to Takashi and Rei on the rooftop……….and just sitting there after killing one of their friends.

So…… what were we doing up here again?

Yeah, I get that Takashi said that he’s just thinking about what is going on, and that they’re probably lamenting on what just happened to their friend, including how Rei lost her boyfriend, but don’t you think that you should of try to get out of their? You got probably over a baker’s dozen of zombies who want to kill you all! LEAVE THE AREA!!! Oh, what’s this? Rei just so happens to finally think about calling her dad, who is also a police officer. WHY DIDN’T YOU DO THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Whatever, it didn’t work, because her dad couldn’t hear after they lose service. Wait, what?! Even though this show also acknowledge that there is no service and that Rei doesn’t know why there is no service (which is by far the smartest thing she has ever said in this show), how on earth did this city (which I don’t think is ever specified) lose it’s signal so quickly? Are people in this world just purposely trying to kill each other? You know what? I just think that all knowledge, intellect, and even logic just wanted to leave this world and let us all rot. Why not? It’s the only explanation that works for me. Even Saya doesn’t bother with the police and tries to take matters on her on hands by trying to leave the school safe and sound. I could say she’s the smartest character in this show, and she is, but I still have issues with her.

Saya says that she’s a grade A student. She brings up the logistics behind the situation that they are in. She knows that the police and the self defense force cannot help them out very much. So why on earth do you still give her so much fan service and overly long pink hair as if she’s a stripper? Her character design does not match with what her character is suppose to be, so why bother making her a genius?! And no, the glasses doesn’t do a thing to support her character either. If you want to say that all people or characters are incredibly smart because they wear glasses in this universe, then you might as well say that these men are the most intelligent beings in THIS universe.

I need glasses
“I need glasses.”

Are you now starting to see why I told you to avoid Shouji Satou in the first place?! And you know what else that bothers me? She says to herself that she is with Kohta because Takashi is not around, and thinks she’s a nice person. Sarcasm or not, don’t you dare tell yourself that you’re a nice person who ACTS LIKE YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A NICE PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After that big amount of rage that I have let out, we get to an even bigger hatred of mine in this show. Shizuka Marikawa.


Not only is this character painful to watch, not only is this a really dumb blonde in the most painful way possible to have another comic relief character, not only do I just find it stupid to hear the cartoonish sound effects when her boobs jiggle, not only do I just find it stupid to hear the cartoonish sound effects when her butt jiggles, but that they got Monica Rial to do the English voice for this character. Now, I’m not going to pretend that all of her roles in her career is cinematic gold, or that I liked everything that she has done, or that I ever enjoyed watching Bulma all the time in DBZ Kai. I know that she was in Casshern Sins, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and even Deadman Wonderland, so I at least know that she has done some good in her career. Shoot, even in interviews and Q&A panels, she does seem to be a really cool gal.

Did she just did this without reading the script or knowing what the character was like? Monica, if you are reading this, and I thank you for visiting my site, and I do respect you a lot. But I just do not like this role. I am so sorry to say that this is so far my least favorite role of yours.

Not only that, but I don’t think that her acting is her fault. Oh, who am I kidding? It isn’t. I know that the writing for the English dub is the one to blame. This series’ English dub is done by Sentai Filmworks, who has done some good stuff in the past, like Appleseed and the re-releases of Gatchaman and it’s movie, but then you got this. I have no idea who was responsible for writing the dialog in this dub, or the other shows that he/she did, so I won’t get into that. But I still have issues with this dub. They make references that makes no sense. In a later episode in the show, they make a Sarah Palin reference. One, I don’t think that most high school students in Japan know who Sarah Palin is or what she does. Two, the reference is so dated that I don’t think anyone will ever know what it means in the next 10-15 years. My point is to think about what you’re going to write in your show before doing it!

After Shizuka’s jugs tries to find a way how to help one of their patients as nurses and says a stupid line about how this day feels like a movie she saw from George Romeo (*HOLDING BACK ALL ANGER*), and talks as if she’s trying to get the right recipes from a market for a meal that she’s trying to make for a Christmas feast, the most tolerable character comes into the scene. Saeko Bushujima.


Even though she’s still designed so wrongfully sexual from an artist who might as well be this generation’s new Masami Obari, she’s not as dumb, annoying, or even mean spirited as the other girls in this show. Because of this, Saeko doesn’t bother me as much. She has respect for those who either are not too bad, like the one who she kills because he was bit, or even those who are just downright terrible. Her first scene in this episode had a guy who was about to turn into a zombie, and she said that his defense for Shizuka was courageous and that she would give him a less painful death, even though she has never killed anyone before. She is honorable, strong, and very dependable. Just don’t get her near zombie kids. That’s kind of her weakness. But overall, I can see why people like her character a lot.

Saya tells Kohta to make use with a nail gun because he’s a gun expert and says it would be like in that Mel Gibson movie. Okay, if this English dub had no issue to say Mel Gibson, then why did they have Shizuka not say George Romero earlier? Whatever. This show is just too stupid to care. He crafts a sight for the nail to get a better aim with the tool, and then jumps back at Takashi and Rei getting out by using a fire hose.

Saya finds out that sound works on the zombies, but this theory doesn’t work for me. She finds out by wetting a towel and throwing it on the zombie first.


But when she throws another against the lockers, it creates a sound, and the zombie follows where the sound is coming from.


But if the zombie got hit with the towel, he would of tried to reach out for that. Talk about selective hearing. Yes, I do know that Saya said that they don’t react when someone touches them, but that still made a sound. So not even the explanation from the “genius” made sense. What did I just say earlier? That she’s the smartest character in this show? She was for that one moment. I guess her intellect decided to get away from her for being annoying crab. Oh, and Saya calls Kohta fat. After all, she is nice, and it makes sense to me. Kim Jong Il was a fluffy bunny, and Mister Rogers was the devil.

So Saeko and Shizuka still tries to make it for their mistake, Shizuka still being the stupid blonde, tripping over floor mats, and then they hear the nail gun shots and finds both Saya and Kohta. Saya whines and screams at the zombie approaching behind her. By the way, for someone who says that the zombies are attracted to sound, you really suck at staying quiet. She grabs a drill that she got with the nail gun, drills into the zombies head and kills him.

Her act of terror brings all of our characters together, she still boasts about how she’s smarter than everyone else, and she is dramatized about what just happened.

Wouldn’t there be more blood on her after drilling a zombie to death?

The episode ends with the gang watching a news report, but puts the angle on more fan service from Rei’s undies, and after the news reporter says that there are outbreaks, Takashi is amazed that there are outbreaks. Really? That shot from earlier didn’t bring that to your mind?


Then the cops in the background shoots the zombies, they become outmatch for no good or logical reason, the news reporter dies and didn’t try to run away, and then the end.

I’m not going to give anymore scores on my website. I just care to do that anymore. I will sum up everything in my mind by saying that this episode was just awful. The characters are just not getting any better, it still makes no sense, and the tone of this show is too serious to say that its not suppose to take anything serious. The only characters who are written out to not be taken seriously are both Shizuka and Kohta, but even they’re not all that good. Yes, even Kohta doesn’t appeal to me that much, just in case if you were wondering what I thought about him. He’s just the fat, nerdy stereotype that I thought that this world was already over with. I have 10 more episodes to go, and it will not get any better for me. I just know it, okay?


First Thoughts – Fear the Walking Dead

fear-850x560Now, being someone who tries not to side with the popular opinion just because it’s popular, I have to tell ya, it’s not easy. Sometimes its very hard to stick with my own opinion because of how much of a strong offense some people would say about a certain something that you may or may not like. Fear the Walking Dead is an example of what I mean. And before I leave ANYONE reading this, there are people who liked this show’s pilot episode. I’m not saying that everyone despised this episode. But, so far, many people are disappointed for what everyone has seen. I’m not here to talk about what the major disappointed fans think about it. I’m here to talk about what I thought about this pilot. To me, it’s alright.

There are some things that I do like about this episode. The first thing was the locations in this show. I live in the East Los Angeles area, and the high school in this show was the same high school that I use to go to. The only differences that I have noticed was the name of the school and the mascot. I won’t say the name of the school, but I will tell you that the mascot is a mule. Not only that, but I have seen some of the locations where they were shooting the show. So that is another fun thing for me to see. The daughter/sister, Denise, is not bad. Not great, but she could of easily have been the worst. She kind of has the best moments in the show, not because she’s being attacked by zombies (there were only three zombies in this episode and she hasn’t seen one in person yet), but because you have moments that tries to share some character moments, and they’re character moments from those who are not terrible. They’re good. The pacing, to me, didn’t bother me, and neither did the story. I also liked how the police handled the situation against their first encounter with a zombie. That was another plus.

So, what’s the negative stuff in this pilot? Everything else. The biggest problem to me that this episode is guilty for are the characters. The dad is being played by the same guy who played as the fire lord from The Last Airbender. The less I talk about that, the better. Even though you get to see him trying to be a supportive father, he does turn out to be kind of boring. The wife/mother is a high school counselor who doesn’t have all that much to show. She’s nothing special to me. Nick, the son and the first character that you see in this show is a drug addict, who first sees a zombie. But he’s just so insufferable to the point that you can’t really like him. Example: he hates his dad, calls him useless, but that goes away after he tells him the zombie that he first sees. Why would you tell a man that you hate about anything? Not only that, but there are some teases that really suck. This isn’t a spoiler, but this example shows the principal just sitting on a chair, leaning like he’s sleeping. The show tries to make it look like he turned into a zombie, but it messes with you, showing us that he’s still alive. That was stupid!

Overall, this was okay. I’m not impressed, but I’m not mad at it either. I will see the rest of this season, and I might do a review of this season when it is done. By the way, I am a fan of The Walking Dead, and I will do a review of that show’s newest season when it is done too. If you are a big fan of the comic books and not the show, you won’t like this at all. If you like both the show and the comics, you might still not like this show. If you like the show, maybe you might like this one. WHO KNOWS!? Just give it a watch.