Final Thoughts – Glen and Abraham from The Walking Dead


From the very start of The Walking Dead, I think we can all safely say that the very first episode started the first season very strong, until the rest of the season started to take a long diarrhea dump on our faces of how slow the pacing was. But as for the characters, only 5 of them from that season are still alive. Glen was one of those characters who I never cared for. He did fascinate me as to why he lasted this long, only because I didn’t get what made him memorable for many fans. I’m not saying that he was bad, don’t get me wrong about that. He even had some moments that I enjoyed, some from the second season. That’s right, I said it! I said something positive about season 2, because I never thought it was all that bad. He was pathetic, but there were some pathetic moments that I liked that made me smile.

However, season 3 is where he officially lost me. He went from being somewhat relatable (keyword “somewhat”) from how pathetic he was, to the show attempting to being kind of uptight and serious, and the charm that he had was taken away from him, and it stayed that way all the way up to his meeting with Negan. Plus, I don’t remember how Glen and Maggie got together in the first place. That part alone is what threw me off guard, only because I felt that their connection was established enough for me to know why they were in love with each other. If anyone knows, please tell me. Wait a sec, I remember that I don’t care. Never mind, you don’t have to tell me. Not only that, but I don’t remember if this show ever went into what his character is like into detail, like a flashback, or talk about his past. If you want to get to know about Glen, have like a moment where the story pauses for a moment where he’s involved, and make a character moment where he gets to talk about himself. One of the best example that I can think about is this one deleted scene from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers:

It wasn’t too long, and I get to learn something about the two that I didn’t know about. If there was a moment or two that did that for Glen, let me know if you want. I just thought that Glen was kind of just there throughout the rest of his time in the show.


Abraham was someone who I enjoyed the most. He was entertaining, relatable, and awesome to watch. You get enough time to learn about his character, he’s tough in a funny way, and was smarter than what the show gave him credit for. That’s right, he had moments when he came up with smart decisions without Eugene. Like finding an RPG with ammunition, getting an oil tanker and using it to draw the zombies into a lake of fire by saving Alexandria, using a fire truck to get rid of zombies, and plenty more. He was truly a reliable guy, even though he didn’t come across as such in the first place when he didn’t like anyone. I was just bummed out that they killed him. I’m going to miss the guy, and yet the internet misses Glen more, and that bums me out the most. Abraham had the most charisma out of anyone else at that point, and they killed him off with only 2 and a half seasons. Now all I got hope who won’t die is Daryl, Jesus, King Ezekiel, and Carl. At least Carl has gotten better after he left the prison.

In summary, I didn’t hate Glen, but he never grew in me. Abraham will always be missed (well, from me anyway, since no one’s giving their condolences to him), and I was really sad that they killed him. I will still be watching this show, and I do believe that it has gotten so much better, now that they’re not repeating the same formula anymore.     …….yet.


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