Some Status Update – 10/25/2016

For those of you who have noticed something very off lately, I have been lacking any content for Re-run-a-ween month, and there is a reason for why. I know that getting content out seems to be a slow process for me, but this time is not a good time for me to do so. Not long after I did my new thing that I probably won’t be doing again due to lack of interest from the audience, I was starting to review an episode of Torchwood. But a week later, I started my fall semester, and it’s a really, REALLY tough one! I won’t get into any detail as to what I do, but I will say what its like. This class has been so hard for me that, even though I don’t get that much homework to work on, it still takes me forever to complete. I have had 2 nights so far where I literally didn’t get a second of sleep, just to get my assignments completed. As of now, I don’t know how I’m doing in my class. That, and I’m in the middle of my mid-term week.

So, now that you know just how hard and slow things are going with my life so far (even though I didn’t give you that much info), there won’t be that much content to provide for you guys by the end of the year, even though I don’t provide as much as I want to. I will try my hardest to cram in a review of Darkplace by the end of this week, and I will put out a list of things that I have plan for this site. I don’t know if any of you are patient, impatient, or even exist, or even aware that I still do this, but I have more to come. So, here’s my list of what I will do in the future. I don’t have a set date for any of these, because I don’t want to make broken promises and anyone complain about a deadline that I missed. Believe me, it’s better that way.


  • Darkplace
  • Torchwood: Cyberwoman, Countryside, End of Days, Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, Adrift, Fragments, Exit Wounds
  • Doctor Who: 42, The Hungry Earth, Cold Blood, Pond Life, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, The Power of Three
  • Death Note (2015 drama)
  • Stranger Things
  • Lost
  • High School of the Dead

Final Thoughts:

  • The Walking Dead dead character (leaving spoilers off of this)
  • Bleach (even though its been 2-3 months since it ended)

New and continuing stuff:

  • Quick Look Through Dragon Ball – 21st World Arts Tournament (halfway done!)
  • Bleach retrospect (working title)
  • Legology (I got so many Lego games that I might as well review all that I got)

So, there’s my list of what is to come. I am greatly sorry for the lack of content this month, and I will hope that next year will be much better. I will try to get a review of Darkplace, and I will try to get my Torchwood review done by the end of this year, or, if I’m lucky enough, I will get it done sometime next month. I can’t guarantee you when, but I can guarantee you that I will get these done. Once again, I apologize, but I don’t want to leave you with the impression that I’m done with making reviews and retrospects. I have the up most respect for you people, and seeing that you do read my reviews means a lot for me. Leave a comment to let me know what you guys think.

Thank you so much for everything so far, and I’ll catch you later!


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