Final Thoughts – Mythbusters


When I was 13 years old, I remember staying over at my grandma’s house, hanging out with my aunt, watching the Discovery Channel with her, since she enjoys watching stuff from the once great educational channel that would later on become less special due to the other numerous educational channels that later on became as relevant as PBS. At the time, I wasn’t fully aware of what this show was about, until a couple of months went by and finally get to enjoy how much fun Mythbusters was. I was hooked when I saw them do the death ray myth for the first time, and I loved it!

Mythbusters was truly the crowning achievement for those who wanted to continue showing us how cool and fun science was, since Bill Nye the Science Guy was cancelled many years before both Adam and Jamie came in the scene. It was revolutionary to how they wanted to show how cool science was and is, by telling us the myths that we have seen on TV, movies, and even the ones that had been told by either stories or phrases, like knocking your socks off, cell phones blowing up gas stations, and the debunking of the moon landing conspiracies. What also fascinated me was how this show helped us understand science while doing the myths. Just about every myth made us learn more about science than ever before, and every time they went into detail with the physics and the chemistry, I didn’t want them to stop teaching me.

I know some people didn’t care to see too much of Kara, Tori, or Grant, but I grew into liking them all. These three guys were great in ways that just looking at them would never make you think they knew all that much science, but they did. Kara was always the one who stood out for me the most, not just because I, as well as the whole world, thought that she was smoking hot, but because she was the one who was such a sweetheart and enjoyable. Tori, oh Tori!

Grant wasn’t always my favorite, but I still liked him, going from putting himself in danger with the team, to putting his career life in danger of showing us how the financially desperate McDonald’s “food” is made.

My personal favorite myth in Mythbusters is hands down the cement truck explosion!

If there was one thing that this show has done that I have never seen been done before, it would be the fan base this show has. You can also bring up the fan base other educational shows before it, but I always felt that those shows have their fan base through nostalgia. Mythbusters has had a fan base from the start, as well as going as far as seeing these people in conventions and talk shows during its run time. You wouldn’t see that as much during the 90s of the edutainment’s starting point as you do today. You got Adam Savage, not just going to conventions, but also being a guest star for Talking Dead, and having him and Jamie being in an episode of the Simpsons.

And then they even went as far as making a Mythbusters Simpsons special!

If there is anything that I would love to say that I will never forget about this show it would be that it gave me an interest for science. Before this show, I have seen Bill Nye the Science Guy, but even then I only wanted to rot my brain that whole time. I was busy watching the Simpsons and playing Sonic, Super Metroid, and Super Mario 64. But when I started watching Mythbusters, I wanted to learn something about physics, I love knowing what makes an explosion an explosion, why guns are so awesome, and seeing what the impossible was actually possible. And from there on, I started to educate myself more on other stuff that I have interest in, such as astronomy and history. You can say that Mythbusters planted that seed for me to encourage me to learn.

I thank you both Adam and Jamie. I thank you Kara, Tori, and Grant. Thank you all for making a great show.


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