Final Thoughts – One Punch Man


It’s not so often that we get an anime that is so awesome to watch, and yet be funny at the same time. Shoot, its not too often that we get a comedy that tries to make fun of the action genre of anime and make it work. Not in a long time that I have had so much fun with an anime in this style that I decided to make it as my life goal to show this show to everyone I know. I will even show this to my grandma and everyone in an old folks home, just to see their reactions. And no, I’m not saying that my grandma lives in an old folks home, so shut up!

One Punch Man, to my opinion, is the anime to end all anime, and I say that because there isn’t any other anime like this. Sure, Fist of the North Star had a character who pretty much wiped out anyone he fights, but this one does it to the point that it has fun with it, going over the top. Answer me this, how many anime will you ever see in your lifetime that will ever attempt the same kind of insanely strong character who looks like this?


And you know what? I’m satisfied that this is the only show that does this kind of thing with this kind of character, who tries to be a super hero, tries to find someone who is stronger than him, and does this for fun. As for everyone else, I enjoy how the other super heroes are written out like the cliche heroes from other animes who turns out to lose one fight after another, and has this guy who looks like he just got out of bed in his onesie.

Guys, if you haven’t seen it yet, go watch it. It’s only 12 episodes long, its great entertainment, and I don’t think there was ever a bad episode either, because it was that great! One Punch Man was the best anime of 2015 for me last year, and I abide by that. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the best show for me of 2015. That honor belongs to Better Call Saul. But this was still great entertainment for all to see!


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