First Thoughts – One-Punch Man


I CAN’T BELIEVE I JUST SAW THIS ANIME JUST NOW!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, I’ve been meaning to give this show a watch, even after seeing so many people on Facebook posting One-Punch Man stuff. Now I have finally seen One-Punch Man! For those of you who still haven’t seen One-Punch Man, let me just lay it out for you of what I have gathered from the first episode. One-Punch Man is about Saitama, who started to work out to become the hero that he always wanted to be, and loses his hair to become so strong that he can destroy and kill anything that comes before him. WITH ONE PUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really, this is the best way how to explain the show. And as for the action scenes, they are great to watch, even though the final results in all of them are predictable. It’s just great to see the massive scale of the enemies that he defeats.

I do recommend this show to everyone. I would even love to see a 75 year old granny try to figure out what they’re watching when they sit through One-Punch Man. I want to see One-Punch Man try to fight against other anime characters! I know that there is a crossover of him defeating Vegetta, but now I want to know if he can defeat lord Beerus! Somebody please, PLEASE make that happen!


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