First Thoughts – The Man in the High Castle

maninhighcastleheaderThe Man is the High Castle is based on the novel by Philip K. Dick, and is executive produced by both Ridley Scott and Frank Spotnitz, and shows the tale of the 1960s America on what if the allied forces of WWII lost the war. It shows America being split into two different countries. The states in the west of the Rockies is called the Japanese Pacific States, being controlled by the Japanese, to the east of the Rockies is the National Socialist States of America, and dead smack in-between the two is the Neutral Zone. I’m not quite sure how that last part works, but it’s there, waiting to be answered.

PPAThe main character of the show is Juliana, who lives in the Japanese Pacific States in San Fransisco, trained in martial arts, very nice, and finds a film real that reveals that we won the war.

The Man from the High Castle Amazon Prime Drama

She goes into a town in the Neutral Zone, called Canon City, hoping to find the resistance who can help bring freedom back in the United States from both the Japanese and the Nazis.

The other character from the Nazi states is Joe Blake. There’s just something about that name that I like. Just say that out loud, and let me know what you thought. Anyway, he’s trying to fight for freedom by going into the same city as Juliana, and has a pretty good twist to his character in the end of the pilot episode, which you got to see for yourself.

15-46-2257-727x530I was going to say that this is Amazon’s Wolfenstein: The New Order, but then I figured out that this show is based off of a novel, so there goes that. But this show is pretty interesting, and it makes you want to watch more to figure out most of your questions, like how did both Japan and Nazi Germany won the war? How does a film real showing that the United States won the war exist in a world where the axis powers look like they were the victors? This is a show that is so far well done, and I want to see more. If you don’t have a Amazon Prime account, then you might have to pay for each episode, which I think is $2.99 for one episode. I do recommend giving this show a watch, but I must warn you though, it’s not for kids. So keep that part in mind.

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