First Thoughts – Into the Badlands

ITB-KeyArt-400x600This show is really cool! Yeah. That’s really my best first impression on Into the Badlands. Now, is this the best show of the year for me? No. Will I reveal what is the best show of the year right now? No. But I will on the end of the year. As for this show, it takes place in a world that went through a war that banned the use and productions of guns. Yup, this world no longer has guns! It’s like Obama’s dream come true! No, wait, this world still has killing? How?! You got rid of all of the guns and-
Oh, hang on a sec. There are swords in this show?! You mean getting rid of guns did not solve anything? Oh, POO!

The show revolves around the main character, Sunny. Sunny is quiet, but not in the sense that he’s mute. He’s more subtle, stern, and the strongest swordsman in the fort. Beyond that, his character doesn’t say much.

Daniel Wu as Sunny - Into the Badlands _ Season 1, Portraits - Photo Credit: James Dimmock/AMC

Sunny lives in a stronghold fortress that has a small town in the inside, as well as a cotton plantation on the outside. But don’t worry, this plantation is multi racial, because racism is dead in this alternate universe!     ….that happens to be based in the south.      …….that happens to be based in the sets that looks like it’s straight out of Forrest Gump. You just read that right. There’s a scene where a dirt road goes through a row of trees that looks similar to the same as the road that leads to Forrest Gump’s house, and the design of the leader’s house, who is someone I should talk about right now.


The place where Sunny lives in is home to a clan who are trained to fight as strong as Sunny, being controlled by Quinn.


Quinn is viewed as more of a cult leader, elevating himself as a god and making everyone believe that there is nothing outside of the walls of the land that they possess. He treats Sunny as if he’s his father, and raises his members of his clan as soldiers, calling them clippers. No, they have nothing to do with Basketball. And now those who live outside of the US are wondering what that joke means.

Sunny finds a kid from the badlands, who calls himself MK.


He has this strange ability that when he bleeds, he becomes super powerful, sort of like becoming into a different person. He even has a medallion that shows an image from a city he came from, making Sunny want to find it, being the main plot of the show. Outside of that, I have nothing else to say about him so far. Yeah, I don’t care for him. The one who is trying to find this kid is a woman who is named Widow.


AMC_ITB_S1_Inside_Characters_TheBarons-800x450She dresses herself up like she’s a late 1800s Black Widow from the Avengers, and I do believe that’s what this show is going for. She’s not bad, but I do believe that the following episodes beyond the first episode will give us more of her character.

So far, this show looks more like in the style of the action genre from both the samurai films, as well as the Chinese martial arts films from the 70s, taking place in the south of the United States, which is a really original twist. The only problem that I have so far is the characters, who don’t have that much in them yet. Other than that, I like the setting and the action that I have seen so far in the pilot, and I am looking forward into watching the rest of this show. I really do want to see where the rest of this season leads off to, and I do recommend this to anyone who hasn’t seen Into the Badlands yet!

Sneak Peek: Into the Badlands: Quinn’s Speech is from AMC’s Youtube channel

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