First Thoughts – Supergirl


I know that it has been two weeks since the show began, and I have seen the first two episodes. But regardless of how far I’m in the show, I’m still going to write out my first thoughts on Supergirl. I’m just going to say that from right off the bat, I know little to nothing about Supergirl. All I knew before I saw this show is that her Kryptonian name is Kara, she’s the cousin of Superman, a super hero, but that’s about it. But even if this doesn’t follow the source material as much as the comics, it can still be saved by good writing, good acting, and for an action series, good action and performances. This show manages to do all of that right so far.

At first, I had no idea who idea who the actress who plays as Supergirl, Melissa Benoist, was or what she was in. The only thing that I saw her in was in Whiplash, which happens to be my favorite movie of 2014. I don’t remember her having that much to do in the movie, so that’s that. But I do like her a lot so far in this show.

Her character, Kara, came to planet earth originally to watch over Kalal, but going through the Phantom Zone is what made her appear on earth several years after Kalal already turned into Superman. Superman brings Kara to live with her new family, and later on still live with her sister in law, Alex Danvers who happens to be working for a secret organization, who is training and helping Supergirl to fight against Kryptonians who are on earth.

Jimmy Olsen is alright so far, just not feeling his personality is right for me at the moment.

supergirl cast

I do find it funny that Supergirl’s boss happens to be Ally McBeal.


I know that’s Calista Flockhart, and her character’s name is Cat Grant, but I’m still calling her Ally McBeal. I’m just expecting a CGI baby to come in and dance in this show.

It’s probably who she dances to when she’s off camera.

She has that whole workaholic and “I’m the boss and I must have the greatest company in the whole wide world!” mentality, but not as overly exaggerated, if that makes sense.

Alex Danvers, Kara’s sister in law, is being played by Chyler Leigh, who was in Not Another Teen Movie. Why do I remember that movie, or why I’m sharing that to you? I don’t know




She does a good job as Alex, being as caring, loving, and being a really good trainer for Supergirl. In case if you’re wondering, the humans have ways on training Supergirl, and it is done pretty smart.

Beyond that, this show is very entertaining. So far, I haven’t found a moment that I was bored with, the crime fighting montages are fun to watch, and the idea of her main villains being Kryptonians is a good idea for the show. This is a good show for people who are fans of comic books, non-comic book fans, and those who hated Man of Steel and thought that there wasn’t any fun or enjoyment to be found in that movie. And for those of you who are curious, I’ll just lay my short thoughts about Man of Steel. Even though I haven’t seen the movie since it’s theatrical release, I will say that thinking about the movie now does not give me the same positive impression when I first saw it, but I will admit there was enough stuff that I liked in the movie that prevents me from rejecting it as much as most people do.

Overall, the show is so far, so good! The pilot is on Hulu, so you can always go check the show out for yourself.

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