First Thoughts – Fear the Walking Dead

fear-850x560Now, being someone who tries not to side with the popular opinion just because it’s popular, I have to tell ya, it’s not easy. Sometimes its very hard to stick with my own opinion because of how much of a strong offense some people would say about a certain something that you may or may not like. Fear the Walking Dead is an example of what I mean. And before I leave ANYONE reading this, there are people who liked this show’s pilot episode. I’m not saying that everyone despised this episode. But, so far, many people are disappointed for what everyone has seen. I’m not here to talk about what the major disappointed fans think about it. I’m here to talk about what I thought about this pilot. To me, it’s alright.

There are some things that I do like about this episode. The first thing was the locations in this show. I live in the East Los Angeles area, and the high school in this show was the same high school that I use to go to. The only differences that I have noticed was the name of the school and the mascot. I won’t say the name of the school, but I will tell you that the mascot is a mule. Not only that, but I have seen some of the locations where they were shooting the show. So that is another fun thing for me to see. The daughter/sister, Denise, is not bad. Not great, but she could of easily have been the worst. She kind of has the best moments in the show, not because she’s being attacked by zombies (there were only three zombies in this episode and she hasn’t seen one in person yet), but because you have moments that tries to share some character moments, and they’re character moments from those who are not terrible. They’re good. The pacing, to me, didn’t bother me, and neither did the story. I also liked how the police handled the situation against their first encounter with a zombie. That was another plus.

So, what’s the negative stuff in this pilot? Everything else. The biggest problem to me that this episode is guilty for are the characters. The dad is being played by the same guy who played as the fire lord from The Last Airbender. The less I talk about that, the better. Even though you get to see him trying to be a supportive father, he does turn out to be kind of boring. The wife/mother is a high school counselor who doesn’t have all that much to show. She’s nothing special to me. Nick, the son and the first character that you see in this show is a drug addict, who first sees a zombie. But he’s just so insufferable to the point that you can’t really like him. Example: he hates his dad, calls him useless, but that goes away after he tells him the zombie that he first sees. Why would you tell a man that you hate about anything? Not only that, but there are some teases that really suck. This isn’t a spoiler, but this example shows the principal just sitting on a chair, leaning like he’s sleeping. The show tries to make it look like he turned into a zombie, but it messes with you, showing us that he’s still alive. That was stupid!

Overall, this was okay. I’m not impressed, but I’m not mad at it either. I will see the rest of this season, and I might do a review of this season when it is done. By the way, I am a fan of The Walking Dead, and I will do a review of that show’s newest season when it is done too. If you are a big fan of the comic books and not the show, you won’t like this at all. If you like both the show and the comics, you might still not like this show. If you like the show, maybe you might like this one. WHO KNOWS!? Just give it a watch.


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