The Simpsons – Treehouse of Horror II


I’m going to conclude my rerunagade Halloween month with a Simpsons episode, for two reasons:

  1. I had to watch something that can relieve me from the horrible High School of the Dead.
  2. I wanted to review a Simpsons episode for Rerunagade Reviews.

I can go into detail into what I think about The Simpsons of today on whether or not if the show is terrible enough that it should of left years ago. I will choose not to, only because I’m going to save that topic for some other time. My main point for today’s review is only going to be on this episode, Treehouse of Horror II. This episode is not my favorite Treehouse of Horror episode, and I will save that for some other time.

We begin with Marge warning about how graphic and violent this Treehouse of Horror episode (which it isn’t, by the way), and gives up, since she knows that nobody will accept or listen to her this time, just like before.  They did this up until season 7, right up until it got redundant to the point that nobody would ever listen to them. Then we cut into our intro!

The Simpsons Halloween Special II

Yeah, this is at a time where the writers and show runners were trying to find out how they’re going to do their Treehouse of Horror episodes. That, and the horror credits that they came up with, as well as the comedic tombstones in the graveyard scenes were easy at first for the writers, until they ran out of new ideas for names and jokes for them both. Kind of like how the show has turned out to be nowadays.

Why is there snow on this tombstone? I don’t know.

We get to see Homer being threaten by Jimbo and Kerny over for candy and getting his house egged afterwards, and then Bart and Lisa comes back home w candy. Homer joins in with kids eating candy, and Marge tells them that they were going to get nightmares for eating so much of it. I bought this as a kid, and now I’m trying to figure out how that works. Anyway, they all go to bed and start having their own nightmares

Okay, whenever I’m going to do a review of each and every Treehouse of Horror episode, I will split them into their very own topics. But don’t worry, they won’t be split into their own posts. In case if you don’t fully understand what I’m talking about, just read along with what I’m going to do.

The first story is Lisa’s, where the Simpsons are in a market place in Morocco, where Homer buys a monkey’s paw from a creepy seller, with a huge eye sticking out of his left eye socket.

Homer was a Whovian?
Homer’s a Whovian?

After their tour around Morocco, they go back home on an airplane, until Homer is stopped by the airport security for stealing, and then pays $2.

Midnight Express

According to the show runner, Mike Greece, this was a reference to Midnight Express. Yes, I know what that movie is and the significance of this scene and that movie, but I don’t why it’s in this episode. But you know what, this episode has a ton of movie references coming up. The one we’re looking at most of this story is a parody to Monkey’s Paw.

Bart and Lisa argue about wishing with the monkey’s paw for either being rich and famous, or world peace. I’ll lead you to figure out who wants what. Maggie makes her first wish, and we get to see a high class, fancy-shmancy car drive up, only to give her a high class, fancy-shmancy pacifier. And then the car drives away. The second wish was rich and fame that Bart wishes, and everyone feels great about it. Even for Lisa, who was against it.

Stinkin' little hypocrite.
Stinkin’ little hypocrite.

What’s funny about the monkey’s paw is that they tried to get the fingers come down until the middle finger is the only one up. They even tried to ask Fox if they can do it by censoring it, but it couldn’t happen. That was until the Simpsons Movie. There were other moments in the show that they wanted to get away with things that could be censored, but I don’t think it was possible during this time. Which is funny to me, because The Animaniacs was able to get away with a lot of stuff in the past.

So, with the family being rich and famous, they go out in fancy restaurants, get record deals, which they now have an album on the Simpson’s Christmas Boggie,


being on T-shirts, on billboards about Mammograms, and everyone really hates it! This whole montage was suppose to be a self-satire of how The Simpsons started to get into the mainstream culture, with two albums that came out at the time, T-shirts, Bart Simpson dolls, and a billboard that Fox had with Bart saying whatever catchphrase that goes with their slogan. Each and everyday! I have no idea how they were able to keep that up.

The Simpsons starts to not like this at all, and Lisa finally wishes for world peace.  This means that the whole world finally get along with each other, getting rid of weapons from all over the world, which leads to both Kotos and Kang to invade the world. This episode made Fox wonder if bringing in Kotos and Kang for this episode was going to be a Halloween tradition, since they were also in the last Treehouse of Horror. Thankfully, that didn’t happen. Now that Kotos and Kang have turned everyone into slaves, Homer thinks about the best, bullet-proof idea he can come up with. A turkey sandwich! He thinks that the turkey is a little dry, and he tries to get rid of the monkey’s paw. Lousy Flanders sees Homer throwing the monkey’s paw, but then receives it, with Homer thinking that he will get crapped upon. But Ned wishes for a way to get rid of the aliens, and it works! ……with Moe using a nail on a board.

Boards on nails
They’re like Raid for aliens.

So, the day is saved, Flanders gets praised by many, and the end for this part.

Bart’s nightmare begins as a parody from the Twilight Zone movie, which is based off of a Twilight Zone episode, which might be a future review of mine, where everyone should think of happy thoughts, or they will be cursed and something bad will happen to them. Bart is living the life, where nobody should say anything negative about him, having the life of a god. In other words, he’s Kim Jong Un. And now, for the only joke that was not censored by Fox in this episode:

There are so many ways you can get crap like that through the radar.
There are so many ways you can get crap like that through the radar.

The only one who rebels against Bart is Homer, and he gets turnedinto a Jack-in-a-box.

Still one of my favorite moments in the show!
Still one of my favorite moments in the show!

Marge takes both Homer and Bart to a shrink by none other than Dr. Marvin Monroe, a character that the show killed off because the guy who did his voice wasn’t able to do it anymore for being too hard, but then came back for a cameo about a decade later. Monroe says that this all because Bart and Homer couldn’t get along, and says that they should both have some quality time together. This later on turned the relationship between the two as from less hating and strangling to, well, being almost like buddies. Doing this, for me, kind of sucks the fun and humor out of the characters.

Through their quality time, we do get to see a montage of them going to a baseball game. fishing, going to church, shooting beer cans, riding on roller coasters, all for parodying an anti-smoking commercial with a knock-off song from the commercial. This resulted Bart to turning Homer back to normal, loving him, and that made him wake up in terror. This brought Bart and Lisa to Marge and Homer’s bed out of how frighten they were, and think that sleeping with them would make things better.

Before I go any further, these wrap around scenes that you see before each segment begins were a thing for these specials. The reason for why you don’t see them anymore is because they didn’t have the time to do it with the commercials. I do wish we can see them again someday.

The third and last segment of this episode is Homer’s nightmare, where Mr. Burns is getting so sick of seeing Homer sleeping on the job. His only decision is to fire him, and he did just that. As for a replacement for the safety inspector, Mr. Burns takes Smithers into his laboratory, showing off his robot. However, the robot is only missing one thing to make it work. A human brain! So this means that both Burns and Smithers go Frankenstein on Homer, who is now working as a grave digger, sleeping on the job. Burns takes Homer into his lab, puts his brain into the robot, and then……the robot goes after the donuts.          …….and he goes back to sleep.

I'm just surprised that no one has ever cosplayed as this yet.
I’m just surprised that no one has ever cosplayed as this yet.

Mr. Burns is just sad that his creation as turned into a disappointment, and Smithers says that they should just put his brain back in Homer’s head. After doing that, Mr. Burns kicks the robot, and that made the robot fall and crush him but his head. Mr. Burns asks Smithers to get some things to help keep him alive, woke Homer up, and sees Mr. Burns’ head sown onto Homer’s body.

Mr. Burns
Now this is a Halloween idea that Michael Scott wishes he had came up with first.

And then the episode ends with a next tine scene that never happened.

This is one of my favorite Treehouse of Horror episodes in the show. Even though most of them are shorter than the average length of the current segements of today, they still hold up as being funny to watch. I didn’t go into too much detail with the last segment, but that was only because its the best, and I want you to watch it yourself. Believe me, if you haven’t watched this yet (I really wonder why), you won’t be disappointed. Believe me, these segments are more horror related than the recent Treehouse of Horror episodes have become.


That’s it for Rerunagade’s Halloween! See what I did there? I came up with a very generic title for this month. Man, I Am so lazy on this.


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