Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace – Once Upon a Beginning


That’s right, I’m starting off the month of Halloween with a show I just barely started watching and liking. Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace!

Darkplace is a show that horror author, Garth Marenghi, made in the 1990’s, but was cancelled for reasons that he gave that I don’t think was serious. He said on his website ( that MI8 pulled the plug off the show because Marenghi knew too much. Remember, this is coming from the same guy who wrote books that are title “Tomb Boy” and “Crab!!” Yes, this is exactly what we’re in for from Darkplace! Garth Marenghi started his show with himself reading from one of his books, and then goes into detail about his show and how started it. He says that he wrote, directed and stared in the show, while being produced by his book publisher, Dean Learner, who also stars in this show. He also says that this show is violent and crazy that, yeah, it’s bloody enough to not ignore the sheer gorefest that this show offers. So, if you cannot stand the gore and violence that Resident Evil provided in their games, don’t worry. This show will make those games look like a step down on the gore and violence.

We start off with, well….          let’s see if you can describe to me on what happens in this scene:

Okay….  it starts off with Liz Asher, walking in the hospital on her fist day petting a cat that was tossed in, and could read it’s mind, telling her to leave, then she tries to get a job as a doctor by replacing the previous doctor who just died, shakes hands with Dr. Sanchez, Dr. Sanchez screams out “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” with his mouth gaping wide open, and Liz just see images of a man who died in a brutal death who looks like he just exploded!

Anyway, this hospital is called Darkplace Hospital, in a town called Darkplace. Why? Because this is what Garth Marenghi defines what his dark place is. Gore mixed with hilarity, and very low budget. Kind of like the Asylum,, if they stick with cheap practical effects, and not cheap CGI.

Garth Marenghi’s character is Dr. Rick Dagless, who is very sarcastic, mellow dramatic, and thinks his life is a serious action thriller. He visits a little child, but then gets interrupted by his boss, who is Dean Learner’s character, Thornton Reed. Dr. Sanchez and Thornton try to discuss to Rick that Liz is a psychic who can see dead people. She only sees the dead people in visions, not…. she didn’t make the Sixth Sense. Liz also says that there is something supernatural going on in the hospital, but Dr. Sanchez said that Rick is more on the supernatural side of that area with his past experience on black arts.

tumblr_ljz2uniIyO1qbmy9ko1_500And because of that, Rick takes full responsibility over the current supernatural situation that Liz just saw. Dr. Rick does speak with Liz, who tells him that she can see the past, present, and future. But Dr. Rick can’t believe a single word she’s saying thinking that she’s being sarcastic, while being sarcastic, using sarcasm as his defense.

While Dr. Rick offers Liz some coffee,  Dr. Sanchez asks her where the dead man in her vision is, and says that he’s in room 213. Rick thinks about how his friend Winrick (I think that’s how you spell it), Liz hears it, and explains who Larry Winrick is. Larry was Rick’s best friend when he started working in Darkplace hospital, who saved his life, as will as Winrick’s, twice. But when both Larry and Rick got into the dark arts and open the gates of hell, that’s when Winrick was last seen, and put into room 213. That’s right kids, even hospitals with a history of demonic activities are safe and available to be treated at!

Liz wants to help. Rick says yes. Rick tells Liz to go off and do something else that has nothing to do with room 213, Rick tells Sanchez that he can handle it. Rick goes into room 213. Rick sees Larry- You know what, just watch this whole scene for yourself.

Oh, man! There is nothing more humorous than seeing a disembodied plastic head flying away and bouncing right back at ya! But the best part is yet to come, if you don’t believe that.

Rick then explains to Thornton, Sanchez and Liz that when Larry exploded, the gateway to another dimension opened, and it needs to be closed. Rick says that Larry’s body needs to be burned, but Thornton refuses and says that the body should be buried for his family, because the hospital has a reputation that he needs to keep. They do just that, and-okay, remember how I said  Larry exploding was not the best part of this episode? I wasn’t wrong! This funeral was saved for last!

Wow! Just, Wow! Garth Marenghi just gave me another reason to love flamethrowers!

So, the day is saved, Rick goes on the rooftop of Darkplace hospital, in a set that makes the roof scenes in The Room look realistic, and monologs about the dark doors into evil worlds are open, and he has to put a stop to it. The end.

This is a show that has everything that I love. It looks cheap, but no one said it was suppose to look professional. After all, Darkplace is a comedy, and Garth Marenghi does that really, really well! The jokes work, the characters have great comedic moments, and overall, I would like to see more shows like this. Plus, this show is available on Hulu too. All 6 episodes. Yeah, this show is short, and could review them all for this month. However, I’ll save the rest of the show for some other time. Because I have some more things I have in mind to review this month! However, this show is not made for everyone. If you are into this kind of insanity, then you might like it. If you’re not into this kind of thing, then you won’t like it.



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