First Thoughts – Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor


When I first heard the news about Matt Smith leaving , I was a bit curious about who will take over the role as the Doctor. I thought that Matt Smith did a great job as the Doctor and had a good run. As for choosing who might be the 12th Doctor, I was wondering who might take over. When I was thinking who might be the right actor to be the next Doctor, I was already finding articles that Steven Moffat was wanting to cast a woman as the Doctor, being played by Lura Pulver, who played as Irene Adler from Sherlock. From what my brother heard from that, he said that Moffat asked his audience in a convention on what if he regenerated the Doctor into a woman, and everyone just shouted out NO!!!!!! I even thought that Idris Elba could have been a good choice as the next Doctor. After all, I thought that he was a talented English actor, and I don’t know too many English actors either.

But then when Peter Capaldi was revealed to be 12, I was pretty ignorant on who he is. Seeing how he was in The Fires of Pompeii and an episode of Torchwood (sorry, didn’t see a lot of that show, so I can’t list the episode), I was thinking about how interesting it is to see the show doing what they did with Colin Baker, who previously played as a Timelord soldier before he became the Doctor. I was told that Steven Moffat has his reasons for why he casted Capaldi as the Doctor, even after being on Fires of Pompeii, but I will save that for some other time.

Now that I have seen Deep Breath, I get to see Peter Capaldi in action, and to be honest, if he keeps up the performance that he delivered into this episode, then we might get one of the most serious Doctors that the show ever had. The other incarnation that many fans debated to be the most serious one was Jon Pertwee. If that’s how Capaldi will turn out, then it will be pretty ironic, since he appears to be a fan of the third Doctor, even for how identical his outfit is to Pertwee’s in his first season. Am I saying that’s a bad thing? NOPE! I really do like the direction that the show is taking this new incarnation of how they want to make him serious, unlike how 10 and 11 was. However, there are some funny moments within this Doctor, and for those of you who saw this episode, you might already know what those moments are. After all, Jon Pertwee did have his funny moments too, from disguising himself as a cleaning lady, to clinging on to a pair of shoes in a hospital bed.

Overall, I am looking forward to seeing how Peter Capaldi will turn out, as well as season 8, What do I think about the season premiere? I’ll save that for another time.


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