Black Lagoon – The Unstoppable Chambermaid


We finally wrap up the Roberta trilogy and end with a bang! Not literally, but we still get a great ending anyway. I am aware of the Roberta Blood Trial, but I haven’t seen it yet, but I will.  So, previously on Black Lagoon: Awesome, crazy stuff happened. Now, more awesome crazy stuff happens.

This episode starts off with Roberta going from just the Terminator to both the Terminator and the liquid cop as she climbs on the back of the car like in Terminator 2 with a huge knife with spikes on the hilt. Dutch tries to shoot her off of their car that Benny is driving, and Roberta open fires on the Lagoon Company with Garcia, which might be the strongest car ever build, since I don’t see any bullet holes on the car.


But yeah, this driving sequence is just too amazing to be in live action. I can’t ever see anyone else doing a better job than this.

As Benny drives the crew into a cargo area in the city, Roberta, for some reason, sees the Lovelce mansion in black and white, and then  it cuts away after a few seconds. If there was some meaning to it, then I didn’t get it. After that, we see the car crashed, and Roberta upside down on the side of a crate.         ……Where she leaves a huge dent on.

a huge dent
Okay, now I really want to know if she was manufactured from Skynet. Not even Arnold Schwarzenegger was this strong!

Benny: What in the world is that woman made of?!

See? Even Benny questions her existence of being one of the world’s strongest people.

So, Revy finally wakes up, sees that Roberta is still alive, and finally starts the showdown that everyone was waiting for. Which is something that we can barely even see. Well, this still beats the action scenes in Monsters. Revy gets insulted by the fact that she gets shot on the right arm, which makes her want Roberta dead more than ever. Oh, and one of Roberta’s handguns was shot. But if she doesn’t care to the point that she tosses it away, then why should we?

iBUt this next part does bring up what I would like to introduce into my show:


If you can’t tell what this is from the title, then……um…..huh. Why don’t know what that means? Anyway, Revy sees a Forrest Gump feather land in front of her, as she is reminded of what could be the death of her parents, holding a small revolver. At this point, we are not sure of what really happened, but we will get to that someday.

After that quick flashback, we still get more gun fighting that we cannot see, as well as explosions that we cannot see.And judging by what happens, we see that they were able to bring down a crane.Yup. Garcia walks out of the car to cheer Roberta up, and also tells her not to lose to Revy. If she does, then he will send out the dogs, or the bees, or dogs with bees in their mouths, when they bark, they shoot bees from their mouths!

Balalaika finally shows up with Hotel Moscow to end the fight, as we see that she has captured the main villain of the story that we just forgot this whole entire time. Balalaika explains to Roberta that Hotel Moscow intended to start a war against the Manisarela cartel this whole time, again, was something that we, the audience, forgotten about till this point.And because of her victory against the Marisarela cartel, there is no reason for Revy and Roberta to fight anymore. What is also revealed to Garcia is that her other alias is “Bloodhound of Florencia.” Rosarita Cisneros. Balalaika also explains that she was trained in Cuba, was an assassin, a former F.A.R.C guerilla,  wanted internationally for murders and kidnappings, and is also considered to be a terrorist too. With all of that done in her life, its no wonder why she became a maid and turned her hair purple.  Since we will also start a new flashback sequence, I will not post that pictu again, since that will make this page look too silly, but this is already looking too still anyway. I still won’t re-post it! Roberta also tellsGarcia that sh was trained as a soldier to kill politicians, entrepreneurs, anti-revolutionists, election management members, and killing women and children. She eventually stopped when she found out that she was helping out a mafia that owned and raised cocaine fields. She got out of the military by the help of her dead father’s friend, who happens to be Garcia’s father, Diego Lovelace.

Garcia has heard enough, cries about it, and tells her to go home together. However, Revy is not pleased with the ending that Garcia wants, still mad about the bullet wound on her shoulder (sorry that I said arm earlier), and Dutch agrees to the point that there should be a fist fight! Which Garcia also wants to see. Yes, I will show you the fight scene

While rewatching this scene on Youtube in English Dub, and NOT on Hulu, since that site doesn’t have more than 4 episodes on English Dub yet, for some reason, I went to check if the voice of Garcia was done by Cathy Weseluck, the voice of Chiaotzu from Dragon Ball Z, Cybersix from…   well, Cybersix, and Spike from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Yes, there are episodes that I do have in mind to review in that show. Mostly from season 3.

Garcia and Roberta finally goes home, happy ending for them, and Rock couldn’t help, but notice that the men from Hotel Moscow looks like soldiers. Benny closes this episode off as he tells Rock that Balalaika and Hotel Moscow were sort of like paratroopers fighting in  Afghanistan in what I believe was the 80s. He even tells Rock that they have enough training skills to take over World War 3.

If you think that this is the best of the show, believe me, you haven’t seen anything yet. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Black Lagoon is a great amount of fun, shows a great amount of fun, and these three episodes proves all of those points from beginning to end. Roberta was cool enough to have 5 more episodes of her, and I will see them, which might be a review one of these days. Overall, I am eternally happy to give these episodes:


Join me next time as I dwell into the next blog that I intended to review on an episode of The Outer Limits.


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